Lady Gaga Feels “Like A Loser” In Her HBO Special Teaser

HBO has released a new trailer for the its upcoming Lady Gaga special, and it’s a stunner. The new footage reveals Gaga, backstage at Madison Square Garden, wiping tears from her eyes as she talks about wanting to win for her fans. “I just sometimes feel like a loser, still”, says the pop Queen. “I have to tell myself I’m a superstar every morning… I cannot be destroyed, I will not be destroyed, and you can never destroy the kingdom that is my fans.” (Or Glee fans, actually.) Rarely, if ever before, have fans seen the Fame Monster like this before. Watch the emotional scene below.

The only light moment — for us — is at the very start of the clip, when Gaga mentions that she felt a little “revved up” on the way over to the show. (What could she have been thinking of?)

[Via YouTube]