Lady Gaga Feels “Like A Loser” In Her HBO Special Teaser

HBO has released a new trailer for the its upcoming Lady Gaga special, and it’s a stunner. The new footage reveals Gaga, backstage at Madison Square Garden, wiping tears from her eyes as she talks about wanting to win for her fans. “I just sometimes feel like a loser, still”, says the pop Queen. “I have to tell myself I’m a superstar every morning… I cannot be destroyed, I will not be destroyed, and you can never destroy the kingdom that is my fans.” (Or Glee fans, actually.) Rarely, if ever before, have fans seen the Fame Monster like this before. Watch the emotional scene below.

The only light moment — for us — is at the very start of the clip, when Gaga mentions that she felt a little “revved up” on the way over to the show. (What could she have been thinking of?)

[Via YouTube]

  • Kevin Antonio

    Beautiful. I can’t see how someone could hate this woman.

  • Xadax

    She’s the best actress in the newest teaser of the Monster Fall Tour. Did PerezHilton taught you that? FABRICATE FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!

  • camille

    well, i REALLY wanted to believe that :/

  • issa

    fake actress >
    LOOOOOOOOOOOL >>> madonna wanna be … blond ambition ??

  • Freddy

    Fake, here she is praying to God, but in her song she says that she loves judas!

  • boba

    she *is* a loser and a copycat. hence the feeling.

  • elmo1057

    Anything you post on this site about gaga.Ugh i just reading the comments..So ignorant soo disgusting soo sad…..How can you possibly hate this woman….People dont give her a chance to know her…Its best if you dont say anything about gaga on this WEbsite…………..Or even the polls cause there people who are daily members are daily haters

  • Mark

    Good lord, either she’s headed towards a Britney-like meltdown, or this is a calculated act to mimic Madonna’s “Truth or Dare” and how it “humanized” her.

  • Taylor LittleMonster Hodgson

    omg. why can’t you see that everything Gaga does is for her fans. she loves us and she’s not acting, she’s pouring her heart out and telling the truth. why can’t you love here and believe in her like she loves and believes in us? she is truly amazing and no one will change her. she was born this way and she is perfect. stop with the negativity. i love you Gaga <3

  • Sally

    it’s not life and death. she needs a chill pill.

  • Michael English

    It is difficult to believe that this is sincere and not manipulative or staged. I’m not even a fan. I love BR and I appreciate how vocal she is about her social/political beliefs, that’s about it. This feels like it is not a good pr move at all.

  • jtmark

    “…they see wigs and lipstick, and they just shut down because they don’t understand.” So true! You say she’s faking it, it’s bad PR, it’s Madonna’s Truth Or Dare Part II, blah, blah, blah…but all I hear is “I don’t understand you, but someone so different from me must be fake…”

    Anonymity will be this generation’s downfall. People can’t even respond to tears anymore without cynicism and some rude comment. The question is, would you be saying the same thing if you were standing there in front of her? Most of you only have virtual balls, congratulating yourself on what you think is a witty insult as long as you’re behind a computer screen.

    Trying growing a real pair and own up to the fact that some of you guys are being narcissistic little sh*ts, and that this woman, a 24-year old girl that’s a person with EMOTIONS like you, might actually be stressed about life. Because that would never happen when the eyes of the world are judging you all the time, right? Ugh stupid people.

  • Xadax

    Pls give us Kurt Cobain back, we’ll give you Lady Gaga & Perez Hilton. We don’t need them.

  • sdub

    What does she want to do rule the world? Sweetie your 15 minutes of fame is up! You got your gold now move on! Stop with all this crying DAMN

  • Sekretnoi

    and then
    you meet me, Lady GaGa
    and you whole world changes
    because everything I say is everything you’ve ever wanted to hear
    so you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears
    and you trust me completely
    I’m perfect
    in every way
    cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside
    you feel so lucky
    but your ego obscures reality
    and you never bother to wonder why
    things are going so well
    you wanna know why?
    cause I’m a liar
    yeah I’m a liar
    I’ll tear your mind out
    I’ll burn your soul
    I’ll turn you into me
    I’ll turn you into me
    cause I’m a liar, a liar
    a liar, a liar

    I’ll hide behind a smile
    and understanding eyes
    and I’ll tell you things that you already know
    so you can say
    “I really identify with you, so much”
    and all the time that you’re needing me
    is just the time that I’m bleeding you
    don’t you get it yet?
    I’ll come to you like an affliction
    and I’ll leave you like an addiction
    you’ll never forget me
    you wanna know why?
    cause I’m a liar
    yeah I’m a liar
    I’ll rip your mind out
    I’ll burn your soul
    I’ll turn you into me
    I’ll turn you into me
    cause I’m a liar, a liar
    liar, liar, liar, liar

    I don’t know why I feel the need to lie
    and cause you so much pain
    maybe it’s something inside
    maybe it’s something I can’t explain
    cause all I do
    is mess you up and lie to you
    I’m a liar
    oh, I am a liar

    if you’ll give me one more chance
    I swear that I will never lie to you again
    because now I see the destructive power of a lie
    they’re stronger than truth
    I can’t believe I ever hurt you
    I swear
    I will never to you lie again, please
    just give me one more chance
    I will never lie to you again
    I swear
    that I will never tell a lie
    I will never tell a lie
    no, no
    ha ha ha ha ha hah haa haa haa haaa
    oh, sucker!

  • Mark Daniel Snyder

    Very Very pretentious of her to think she is some sort of savior for her fans. Her acting like a cult leader is really turning me off. I don’t even know how much of a fan I am anymore.

  • Javier

    Have you read the Lyrics of Judas pal? Please do so

  • Mel

    I love you soo much for this comment you seriously were on the same mental wavelength as me after reading these comments! People love to call what they don’t understand fake or strange. That’s a negative part of human nature. And many of these commentors are just striving to have the wittiest mean-spirtied comment of all. like you said. I personally love Gaga and she gives a voice to artists, outcasts, mis-understood, mis-represented people like me. Noone can understand the mind of an artist or actor if they don’t try and even then, it’s complicated..

  • Lisa

    I’m waiting for her documentary, like Madonna did for Blonde Ambition.

  • Kris

    Her statement “My kingdom of fans” sounds a bit like self-idolization. She makes it sound like she can’t be happy in life unless she is on top… on her pedal-stool being worshiped by fans… and that’s sad. She should learn to love herself apart from music and fans. What would bring her happiness and self-worth if she couldn’t make music??

  • Ryan

    The key part is where she lets it slip ‘ i wanna be a Queen for them’ while having a gay-guy-servant waiting on her. She exploits young gays who feel isolated and want that public validation of having someone saying they will represent them in the mainstream. But she ONLY wants to support them as long she gets to be the Queen. She always has gay guys bowing at her feet in her videos. Her motivations are totally vanity based…crying about it won’t stop the criticism she deserves. Passive Aggressive weirdo…’if you say I’m fake your a jerk ’cause I’m crying! ‘

  • fangaga

    i’m gaga fan . But never saw her tear T_T