Who Did “Party In The U.S.A.” Better — Miley Cyrus Or Jessie J?

Apr 25th, 2011 // 23 Comments

You may know that Brit import Jessie J co-wrote Miley Cyrus’ hit “Party In The U.S.A.”, but we bet you didn’t know what the song would sound like if sung by Jessie herself. Well, wonder no more! The “Price Tag” singer performed the tune during a recent iheartradio concert. So, who sang it better, the American Disney queen or the English lady who actually penned the track? Listen to both below and judge for yourself!

Not like you need any reminding what Miley’s version sounds like, here it is again. (We’d like to note that although we knew this video was popular on YouTube, we are shocked and completely impressed that it has been viewed – dear god – over 211 million times.)

Jessie J – “Party In The U.S.A.” and “Casualty Of Love” (Live)

We can’t believe it, but we much prefer Miley’s version of the party anthem. This song is totally not in Jessie’s range, particularly when she gets into her lower register. Though we have to give points to the English lass, since, as the song’s writer, she more than likely has actually heard a Jay-Z song before.

Who did it better, folks? Miley or Jessie? Tell us in the comments! And check out Jessie talking about writing the song, explaining that “it wasn’t edgy enough” for her album.

  1. policechase

    holy lord, Miley owns the song. Besides, Jessi J isn’t even from the USA. That’s your problem! She can’t sing about parties in the USA when she isn’t from this country. haha. Miley may have ‘poledanced’ in the kid’s choice awards, but seriously, I’d rathe see her swing around a pole instead of Jessi try (and fail) to sing the song that she wrote. I see the influence, the reggae pop/rock, but Jessi should stick to her price tags.

  2. romaric

    i adore jessie j and i am one of miley’s biggest fan . I think we can say than jessie j is a better singer for sure , i mean in live but miley =’s voice is just perfect for this song . I’s actually my favourite song ever

  3. .

    Well even the biggest Miley fan can’t deny that Miley CAN’T SING AT ALL. But Jessie J actually has talent. Miley Cyrus is the fail of the century, Miley should stick to teenybopper Hannah Montana.

  4. AJ

    Miley most defiantly owns it. Jessie j is an awesome singer too. At least Miley didn’t mess up.

  5. that's news

    Miley is much moooore better at singing that song. Jessie J has her own unique still too, but Miley is better for this song.

  6. l don’t see the point of this question.The only praise that can ever go to jessie j,is for writting the song.But Miley is only one to sing this song.Jessie can only dream,of being as Amazing & Super Talented as Miley.The other thing Jessie has to battle with,is the fact that not only is Miley a Super Telented Actress,Singer/Songwriter.But Miley is also the most Beautiful Girl,to ever walk this earth.She is Total Perfection.
    Gd luck Jessie,trying to match up to Miley.My Advice,don’t waste your time trying k.
    Godbless You Miles,ur sooo wonderful,ur Awesome.l went to see Miley live at the O2 Arena london england,as she did her Wonderworld tour.There was 20,000 screaming fans there,& she blew everyone away,& left everyone wanting more.
    Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

  7. LMG

    I do not Miley Cyrus as I think she has no talent. I had liked Jessie J but that is waneing. Why do the young people, now a days, think that the only way they can be famous is to make utter fools of themselves?

    What happened to talent?

    Why is it so much more imporatnt that there is shock value than any TRUE ability?

    Frankly, its disgusting. So glad I’m old.

  8. Aggie J

    Miley’s version was definitely better, This isn’t because I am a huge Miley fan (cos I am) but it’s because the song suits her voice so much better. I’ve seen Miley perform it countless times and she was better than Jessie J. Jessie J has a wonderful voice but she tried to add to many elaborations into it, whereas what the song needed was a rough toned edge, which is what Miley has. I have met some amazing singers who have tried to cover Party in USA but it just doesn’t work well with a trained voice. An considering Miley didn’t have any vocal training (fact!), LIKE Jessie j who went to a stage school etc., I think she sings damn well, and she has a much better stage presence than Jessie from what I have seen of Jessie’s video. However when it comes down to it, Jessie J’s voice is better- just NOT for this song.

    • Halime

      I think it’s great that she is showing suorppt for gay marriage. After all, all love is equal and it shouldn’t matter who it is between. However, I dont think this tattoo does anything . Two little lines on her finger are supposed to mean she suorppts gay marriage? She’s never spoken out for gay marriage or tried to do anything else other than get an equals sign on her finger. An equals sign she could easily cover up and easily say has another purpose .I think if your going to suorppt gay marriage you can do a better job then getting a tiny tattoo on your finger but maybe thats just me .

  9. Susanna

    NOT A FACT> Miley HAS had training and if you really listened to her music and not just the “hits”, you would know this. She has an amazing voice when she is not singing “club” type stuff. She should do more ballads and maybe try some country? Anyway, she has a great voice!

  10. Anonymus

    milieys version is better, jessie j sounds weird but she is a good singer (i am a fan of hers) but it’s miley’s song and jessie j voice dosn’t sound good with the song

  11. justafan

    Miley so own this song her voice is just perfect for the song regaurdless of what everybody else have to say about it……..I love Miley and I love Jessie J but Miey is the girl for this song.

  12. Jessie J. has that pure natural talent, and a really strong voice that takes the song to another level. Hope I win that trip on musicchoice.com/sweeps to see her in the Bahamas. Would love to see her perform Party in the USA live!

  13. amal

    @policechase She pole danced at the teen choice awards, not the kids choice awards. get your facts straight. If she pole danced at the kids choice awards, shewould have been killed by the media and thousands of parents.

  14. Zeffer

    Actualy, Miley didn’t pole dance anywhere she simply had the smarts to hold on to a
    pole to keep from falling off the moving icecream cart she was dancing on. The whole thing was just seen that way by those stupid people looking to find something wrong with everything this girl does.It’s a matter of wishing to find falt
    with something you don’t have yourself (in this case talent). It is also the reason the garbage we call reality TV is so popular,those who are dumber than us or who we can perceive that way make us feel better about ourselves.

  15. Matt Copeland

    Miley Is Better Than Jessie J!
    Miley is good Singer

  16. greg

    I can’t believe you people who actually think you can compare Miley’s voice to Jessie J’s.

    I am a musician and have been for 15 years, Miley is your typical non talented video hoe just like Britney, Keisha and all of that untalented crap using auto tune.

    Jessie J is a real singer, she can sing live and raw and sound perfect, un like Miley, one day you will grow up and realise real talent.

    • Simo

      its quite clever atlualcy, her body is like an advertisement, she gets photographed all he time! so loads of people will see her tattoo, she has gay friends and is showing her support to them.to be honest though its her body, if she wants a tattoo she shouldnt let the over protective mums of 9 year old kids who watch hannah montana decide for her. Shes an adult and i think she should have her decisions in life like everyone else its we people my age do and its normal.

  17. iLoveJJ

    … If you actually listen to the song, the song talks about coming to the USA. She felt nervous coming here and not fitting in, but the “butterflies fly away” when she hears her song. Obviously the song lyrics fit Jessie J, who COMES to the USA for the First Time. You obviously did not listen to the song very well.

  18. iLoveJJ


    Haha I forgot to add. Jessie J is from England and comes to LA for the first time. Watch her videos on Youtube.

  19. elza

    miley`s voice is much better than jesse j`s

  20. JessieJLovaRose

    First of all i hated mileys. i never even liked miley Jessie J should get the credit because SHE WROTE IT and SHE can all the twist and turns she wants to it! and the first comment up there by “policechase” whoever that is, should get a life and Jessie j has moreeee wayyyy more fans at her concerts, miley maybe like 20,000 Jessie 50,000+ so yea i love Jessie more, and thats it Jessie’s better and policechas so what if she from the UK she is known everywhere

  21. JessieJRulesbaby

    LOL Jessie J of course she wrote that!! Miley took it and rearranged it. It was the impression JJ got when she went to the US for the first time!!! and Jessie is a better singer also!!!

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