Official Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrushes

We thought we’d seen it all — Justin Bieber dolls, trading cards, calendars — but we never thought we’d see the day when JB’s likeness would appear on a toothbrush. Never say never, because with their new line of singing Bieber toothbrushes Brush Buddies has made it their mission to turn you into a Belieber — about the importance of oral hygiene. So throw out that lame toothbrush you got at the dentist’s office and head below to learn more about a tooth care product with the ability to remove plaque while playing a hit from the Canadian pop star.

The toothbrush line will officially launch on July 1st  (once known as Canada Day, but should now just be referred to as Bieber Day).

From the Brush Buddies official website, here’s all you need to know about the singing toothbrushes:

  • Soft rubber coating to give you a comfortable brushing experience
  • Replaceable brush head, dentists recommend you replace your brush head every 3 months.
  • 2 buttons – 1 button when you wake up in the morning and one before you goto bed. Each button will play a Justin Bieber’s song for 2 minutes which is the dentist recommend time to brush your teeth. Now you can enjoy brushing your teeth while you listen to Justin’s best songs [one alternates between “U Smile” and “Baby” while the other switches between “Love Me” and “Somebody To Love”

And for the full Bieber oral care experience, be sure to pick up 55 yards of mint waxed Bieber floss.

Or why not pick up the handy JB Travel Kit (perfect for when you’re on tour) which comes with tongue scraper, brush, floss and a mini hourglass timer.


Which JB brush will we be purchasing? The Adult JB brush, of course (it comes with all the Bieber flare, but, sadly, none of the Bieber tunes).

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    BIEBER TOOTHBUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow……………now the biebs will be rolling in my mouth all the time! totally gonna get it!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥ luv,
    BIEBER’s futue BFF!!! (notce I said bff NOT Girlfriend……….)


    And yes, we’ll have some fun. ;D lol

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    i would love that but even beter his toung

  • http://facebook destiny karpus

    i would love that but his toung even more

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    bicthn all mine not urs im consedid

  • bieberfever!forgetthesuineflu!

    i need this!!!

  • Jeanice

    I just got my Justin Bieber toothbrush and it doesn’t even work. the head of the toothbrush wont go in the hole and i press the buttons and it wont play. i was really hoping to use it and jamming it out but it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do now. i want to return it but i don’t know if they would let me since its a toothbrush.

  • tania

    I bought my justin bieber brush 2days ago and I only used it today but wen I clicked on it the song never played, it did play on the first day I bought it. Why is it not working know someone tell me what to do??? Btw dont say get new batteries becoz I cant and I’ve tryed taking the batteries out and putting it on agine and it still didn’t work I’ve tryed everything :’(