Jennifer Lopez Frolics With William Levy In Her “I’m Into You” Video Preview

Apr 26th, 2011 // Comment

The World’s Most Beautiful Woman sidles up to the Brad Pitt Of Mexico in the 18-second tease of the “I’m Into You” video that was previewed on the Today Show this morning. (For those of you not keen on flashy titles, that would be Jennifer Lopez and William Levy.) Watch the pair get cozy at a Mayan archaeological site in Chichen Itza, Mexico, below.

J.Lo’s “I’m Into You” collaborator Lil Wayne is nowhere to be found in this particular snippet of the vid, as his scenes were shot just last week in Los Angeles. The full clip is set to premiere on the Today Show on May 2.

Don’t you wish that just once Jennifer would hop up on the judges’ table on American Idol and bust some of these classy moves? There’s still a month left, J.Lo—show us what you got, girl!

What do you think of the “I’m Into You” vid so far?


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