Matthew Morrison And Kris Allen Team Up For “Still Got Tonight”

Matthew Morrison is unveiling the second single off his self-titled debut album, “Still Got Tonight”, and the uptempo love ballad comes with a little surprise — it was co-written by American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen. How much do you want to bet Fox brought these two fellas together to create some Idol/Glee synergy in the studio? Listen to the song below.

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“I know times running out now / But we’ll hold back the sun somehow / See the sky? / We’ve still got tonight,” sings Morrison.

The tune was also co-written by Steve Kipner and Andrew Frampton, who contributed two tracks to Kris’ debut album, including the single “Live Like We’re Dying”. Wonder why Team Allen decided to give this one away to Mr. Schuester instead of saving it for the Idol winner’s next release (whenever that is)?

What do you think of Matthew’s new single? Truth be told, we’re kind of snoozing over here at all the tracks we’ve heard from Morrison so far. Not that we want him to go all edgy or anything, but having at least one sharp edge on his album would be welcome.

  • MissMyMiko

    Personally, I think this song is great. And I think Kris Allen is a multi talented artist. Of course one would have to get rid of their stereotypes in order to really put their listening ears on and hear the song.

    As for it being Fox who did it. LMAO. I’d more likely believe it was Matt himself who got it together. Or maybe their management. But FOX. They prefer tabloid fodder than someone nice like Kris.

  • frak

    Aren’t you supposed to more knowledgeable about this stuff for your Idol blog?

    If FOX was really behind this, they’d promote or talk about this way before it releases. So far, Kris Allen and Matthew Morrison were the only ones tweeting about it other than MJ’s Big Blog or AINow.

    As far as I know, Fox or Glee hasn’t said a thing. Other than his own record label, Kris Allen has a publishing deal with UMPG, because he’s a songwriter and so he’d get royalties for his songs being used.

  • frak

    “The funny thing is I didn’t even know he wrote on it,” says Morrison. “Steve and Andrew said they had this song and I heard it and I was like ‘Oh my God this song is incredible.’ I just put down a vocal on it.”

    “The first I heard about [Kris' involvement] was he tweeted it that he had a song on my record.”

    [Excerpts from Entertainment Weekly from MTV's Skype with Kris Allen and Matthew Morrison.]

    • Becky Bain

      Yes, we’ve posted about MTV’s Skype chat with Matt and Kris since this article went up. Guess our completely wild, off the cuff guess of Fox helping these kids get together turned out to be not true!