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  1. Adam Lambert looks HOT as ususal but Kesha looks like Blanche off the Golden girls! LOL!!

  2. Adam rocking his glam look again. Love the facial hair, and the pompadour. Man knows what looks good on him.

  3. jendora

    Adam has a lots of black on his face.
    Please take off that facial hair.

  4. juliette hachey

    Adam does not need all that facial hair. He has a beautiful face so why hide it
    with this odious moustache and gotic.
    He looks like some weird magician. He needs a cape and a cane to finish the look.
    By the way I love the man and has been a fan from the beginning, and still is and
    always will be. But i always thought he had good taste. He must be going through
    a phase.

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