Eminem And Royce Da 5’9″ Rap About Nicki Minaj’s Booty In “Fast Lane”

Do you enjoy some good old fashioned misogyny in your rap songs? Well, there’s anti-woman smack talk aplenty in Eminem and Royce’s new joint track “Fast Lane”. Off their upcoming EP, the track features Em talks about a variety of sexual acts, including doing some naughty things to his “Roman’s Revenge” buddy Nicki Minaj’s very prominent assets. Listen below.

There’s lots going on in this quick-paced jam, but we’re too focused on Em giving a slightly disturbing shout-out to Nicki Minaj: “I hope I don’t sound too heinous when I say this, but Nicki Minaj, but I want to stick my penis in your anus.”

Charming. Almost as lovely as this bon mot: “If you don’t suck my dick you’re gonna get decapitated / Otherwise if you don’t give me head, I’m gonna have to take it.”

Are we being too sensitive here, or do you also get queasy hearing statements like these made so flippantly? Check out all the song’s lyrics over here.

Bad Meets Evil drops June 14.

[Via Rap-Radar]

  • Anon

    I’d say too sensitive. This is Eminem, not Justin Bieber. I’ve heard him say a lot more grotesque.

  • jmokeefe

    definitely too sensitive. this is perfection.

  • MsI

    If you feel queasy, then you just don’t get Eminem.

  • Dan

    What is the point of music like this? Disgusting.

  • mr.zolanskai

    I love how Em did a Nicki voice when he was talking about her…

  • Samantha

    It’s from an EP entitled “Bad meets EVIL”. You’re definitely too sensitive. Nicki doesn’t mind! She says sexual stuff all the time and loves Eminem. I’m sure lots of guys wanna “do” her. You think women are too fragile and weak to listen to words like these? oh, please

  • Anon

    Wow, if this makes you queasy don’t listen to the SSLP, MMLP, Relapse… In fact.. have you ever listened to an Eminem song?

  • Shady’s Ghetto Princess

    Yeah BECKY you’re being too damn sensitive. Eminem has always rapped like that, DUH!!! It cracks me up that he can still get to you people. Keep up the good work em!!

  • RapItUp

    OMG, u guys r WAYYY 2 sensetive. i woz just about 2 say, da old shady would dissed lady gay gay asap!wotaup already em? about time he dissed dat no talent freshie, she deserves it.i luv da wordplay in it tho!!! u kick ass shady, dont stop 4 no one!!!!

  • taitai

    For real?! Eminem is just doing what he always does…you are too sensitive and if people don’t like it, then don’t respond or listen to it! End of story!!