‘American Idol’: Casey Abrams’ Beard Says Goodbye

Apr 29th, 2011 // 5 Comments

Our favorite upright bass-playing, beard-sporting jazz aficionado, Casey Abrams, received the lowest votes for the second time during his tenure on American Idol, but last night, he didn’t have another Judges’ Save to keep him on the show. Season 10′s quirkiest contestant was voted off, but he didn’t leave the Idol stage before giving the best kiss-off send-off in the history of the competition. Watch Casey say his goodbyes, and check out Bruno Mars and Idol alumni Crystal Bowersox perform below.

Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox brought the studio down with “Ridin’ With The Radio” from her debut album.

Bruno Mars also performed “The Lazy Song”, a song we really could live without being an official single.

And Casey had a great send-off, kissing everyone on his way out while singing “I Put A Spell On You”, this time without his upright bass. (Yes, he even laid a wet one on Steven, who looks about ready to punch him.)

We already miss Casey. Had he won, he would have been the most Taylor Hicks-esque winner to come out of the show since the Soul Patrol king – and maybe have just as much difficulty finding success post-Idol - but he was always a hoot to watch, and gave some of the more entertaining performances. (We can thank him for bringing Nirvana to Idol.) Hey, at least he’ll be on the tour!

And we bet Haley will certainly miss him, too – as insinuated by Casey directing the lyric “Because you’re mine” at Hayley, can we finally confirm the rumor that these two are an item?

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  1. America made a mistake. Casey Abrams will be the one remembered in five years.

  2. Check out the painting I did for him on my website http://www.paintingsbykusaka.com

  3. idolwatcher

    I am glad Casey is gone-when the voters vote-it should stand-or why let them vote at all? Casey has a good voice but he was led astray by a bunch of judges that gave him bad advice. You do not hear the kind of songs Casey chose to sing on the radio-there is a reason for that-listeners don’t like them! The judges told him over and over again how great he was-better advice would have been “hey dude -it’s cool that your different but you are going to have to change it up and do what the viewers like and change the way you look-you are just too creepy with those strange sounds and facial expressions”. Yep, the judges gave him very bad advice! The viewers chose correctly-Casey, staying true to himself, is destined to play in little jazz clubs all over and thats all he will ever be!

  4. Real Ear and Eye For Talent

    The typical response of someone who doesn’t know talent when they see or hear it. Keep listening to your top 40 talent so you can always be part of the herd. Just check out many of the IDOL winners. Solid musicians but only a couple stars. You’re right with one thing he should have catered to the radio listeners just to win IDOL. But his reaction tells it all, he ll be just fine, probably better now where he can focus on his art. He has the connections lined up to do it right now.

  5. dmadman99

    Casey’s ok. He’s an artist who is not there just to please everyone. He does what he does best. I guess his art is his to enjoy and not thinking much of how much money he will make out of it. A lot of the critics still couldn’t see that he’s not so keen on pleasing everyone but to please those who appreciate his art. What’s poison to you maybe food for me. Same thing from the other guy’s perspectve. Jazz and blues is not for everyone I guess. BTW, don’t you notice that the more pricey albums are audiophile collectibles of jazz and standards? Pop, rock, and ballad divas are a dime a dozen. Would gladly pay top dollar to hear him in that small jazz club of his. He he he.

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