Justin Bieber Is Egged During Australian Concert, Gets Over It Easy

We always knew Justin Bieber had some very young chicks throwing themselves at him, but this is ridiculous. During his performance of “One Time” at a Sydney show on Friday, the contemplative teen star was nearly egged six times by some apparent non-Beliebers — though fortunately bad aim prevented any of the would-be omelets from directly hitting “Mr. Horny.” Is this some kind of meta-statement related to the Biebs’ controversial (and misquoted) statements about abortion in Rolling Stone? Is songwriter Heather Bright out for revenge? Or was an Aussie fan just dissatisfied with their singing toothbrush? Watch a video of the Sydney scramble below.

We sure admire Bieber’s pluck and professionalism at continuing his performance despite the dairy onslaught — clearly, the 17 year old star is no chicken. Alas, we’re not sure why anyone would pay such a price to get close enough to the cinematic hoop dreamer only to pelt him with their Easter leftovers, but let’s have a moment of silence for the unhatched youths who now will never grow up to know the joys of hearing “Baby” for the first time, shall we? That’s six less lonely chicks in the world, folks.

  • roman edwards

    Whoever wrote this article is a toolbag/tryhard/loser. Justin Bieber deserves to be hit by a brick, jus’ sayen

    • MadiMartinez69

      && You Deserve To Die . Grow Upp Fagg .

  • Australian Fellow

    Hahaha. he doesnt deserve to be hit by a brick. hitler probably had a painting of him on his wall when he designed concentration camps.

  • abitchthatsgonnakickyourass

    thats not funny, he dosent deserve to be hurt! he’s just doing what he loves, he’s not singing to please you, he’s doing it for himself. You guys need to get over yourselfs and face the facts, he’s better than you and your jealous. you deserve to be hit in the head with a brick, you may not like his music, but thats your oppinion, you dont need to start bagging out others, keep it to yourself.

    your just jealous that he’s getting all the chicks and your not, and that he earns more money in an hour than your whole stupid family.

    shut your mouths and leave him alone !

    thats all.

    • MadiMartinez69

      Fo’ Show[: Haters Gonna Hate . They Are all Just Stupid People Who Wish They Were Him .

  • Steph

    Comparing anyone to Hitler is tasteless. Justin Bieber did not heartlessly kill more than 6 million people. Give me a break.

  • Becky Bain

    So many chicken/egg puns in this post, lol. Well done.

  • http://twitter.com/tacobomb2011 tacobomb2011

    Children calm down! I don’t listen to Bieber either, but take a minute and think about what you’re saying. I mean the obsession with him has gotten so crazy his own girlfriend is gettin death threats. His music is not that good, but regardless he shouldn’t be humiliated like that and whoever did spend all that money to get there just to throw unborn poultry at him has got some serious issues… How did they get in with eggs anyway?

  • samuel pappinson

    Oh well! justin bieber got egged who cares, maybe if he gets egged more often it will knock his head back into sense. no joke. anyway for one when his voice breaks well there is NO future whatsoever! Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber what have you done with your life? i think you justin Bieber have got your own bieber fever take medication…
    from te wonderful samuel Pappinson

  • samuel pappinson

    okey dokey then… ???????????/