Jennifer Lopez Debuts “I’m Into You” Video On ‘Today’

Last week we were treated to a preview of Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Into You” video on the Today Show, and this morning we get the whole sexy affair. When she’s not gyrating on the Chichen-Itza ruins in Mexico, J-Lo spends the majority of the video either frolicking on the beach or laying across her hot beach beau, Telenovela star William Levy. Basically, it’s the perfect vid to welcome the Summer season. Watch La Lopez sizzle below.

Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil Wayne – “I’m Into You”

Some questions:

1. Is it just us, or is she rocking a total wild-haired Beyonce look during the tribal dance break near the end?

2. Are tourists allowed to shimmy like that when visiting the ruins, or is that looked down upon if you’re not a pop star?

And 3.  Where’s Weezy?

  • Catherine Holloway

    I think it’s kind of weird to just cut to another song with a completely different tempo, and then to cut right back to the original song. It’s like eating a sample chocolate bar and biting into curry. I like the sample and I like curry, but maybe it was better not to mix them?

    • Becky Bain

      Very good point. And delicious metaphor!

  • Why

    Seriously Beyonce needs to just pack up. to the left. to the left.