Over-Bored & Self-Assured Miley Cyrus Covers Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Believe it or not, Nirvana’s seminal breakthrough album Nevermind will turn 20 this year, which has clearly not been lost on tattooed Disney minx Miley Cyrus. The Hannah-Montana-star-gone-rock-chick performed in Ecuador over the weekend and sonically assaulted her fans with alt-rock classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” That’s right, Gen X, Miley covered Nirvana — a fact that, in and of itself, we think Kurt Cobain would somehow find to be utterly punk rock. Watch below!

We, of course, probably don’t need to point out that Miley wasn’t even born yet when Nevermind was released.

What do you think of her take on the NIrvana classic? Did she totally rock or commit an act of grunge sacrilege?

  • a guy fan of Miley’s

    I enjoy all of Miley’s music, but I’m happiest when I see a sign that she is moving into Rock. I predicted this two years ago! Go Miley!!!

  • UzTawkin2Me

    Miles is da HBIC Rock Chick!

    Miley ROCKZ =]

  • http://twitter.com/tacobomb2011 tacobomb2011

    I don’t really know what to say. On one hand, I don’t like Miley cause I think she needs to get over herself and stop singing songs that are too big for her (for example: The Climb), but on the other hand her songs are catchy, the lyrics are decent (in some of them, and i don’t even know if she writes them). Now i don’t listen to ANY of her music besides what i’ve heard on radio/TV, but this actually sounds decent… compared to her other performances at least. Oh and she needs to keep to pop/rock. Don’t go anywhere near Metal.

  • Matt Copeland

    Oh Yesssssss!
    Miley Is Really Rock!
    Nirvana Song Really Good!
    Miley I Love You.

  • Mrz.Lattiomre

    miley what gett then girl……….. do your thing on stage then………….???????? <3

  • Not A Fan

    Personally, when I compare this to Kurt Cobain, I really wish she would stay away from anything of that genre. I don’t hate Miley – usually I find her music to be fine… it’s pop. Putting the Nirvana experience and everything else aside, I still think she did a really terrible job on this song – similar to what I’d expect to hear if I went to a county fair and saw somebody perform wh was typically not paid for the services.

  • meh

    It wasn’t as bad i thought it would be. its better than a lot of covers of the song that i have heard. still murder though.

  • Menah

    Just saying. She needs to change, her fat is spilling over the pants -___-

  • nessix3

    Yeeeaah ! :)
    Miley is fantastic.
    I Love You ! :-*

  • Mace

    stick to your own music…