Panic! At The Disco Brush Up Their Dance Skills In “Ready To Go” Video

The boys in Panic! At The Disco can’t stop playing dress up. After the retro circus chic in “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” and the steampunk styling of “Ballad Of Mona Lisa”, Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith are lookin’ cool, daddy-o, in their 50s-inspired video for “Ready To Go”. Check out our exclusive gallery of the on-set pics here, then head below to watch Panic! do their own modern day “Buddy Holly” – there’s a dash of “Mary Poppins” and “Singin’ In The Rain” in there, too.

Panic! At The Disco – “Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)”

In the Shane Drake-directed clip, a magic glowing music note in the wall allows Brendon and Spencer to blast back to the past for a neato time in the 50s, before morphing into chimney sweeps that should almost certainly audition for the next round of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Check out that Brendon Urie backflip! If that’s not a stunt double, color us seriously impressed. (Thanks to this ONTD poster for making this awesome GIF, too.)