Britney Spears Sleepwalks Through Another Interview

Some uncredited source — her fans? her management? God? — interviewed Britney Spears on camera, asking her softball questions regarding her Femme Fatale album, such as “What’s it like to work with” and “Tell us what it’s like to work with Max Martin and  Dr. Luke.” And Robo-Britney, using that unusually deep, staccato voice she now has for some perplexing reason, answered as vaguely and lethargically as possible. Watch the video interview below.

So what’s playing on Britney’s iPod right now? Lots of Adele and Robyn. Good taste in tunes, Brit!

But honestly, why bother conducting a fluff interview (with several questions that have already been answered in other interviews) with Spears at this point? To drum up excitement for her tour? Her leaked rehearsal footage already did that, and she certainly looked like she was having a lot more fun bouncing around the stage than trying to sit still for this Q&A.

Also, if you’re going to go through the trouble of interviewing Britney (who used to sound like this and this, in case you forgot) for promotional reasons, you might want to spell the pop star’s website correctly:

Picture 2

  • Priscila

    Honestly I think she just sounds calm and mature. I don’t know why people expect her to act like a bubbly happy screaming 19 years-old.People are waiting for her to roll on the floor laughing or cry while telling all the problems and humiliations from the “dark years”. She overcame those things and became a woman.

  • Tom

    This is the grown-up Britney. It would be pathetic is she still chirped and cooed like a teenager.

    I’ve never bought one of her albums before, but I bought Femme Fatale and it truly rocks. Every song is a monster jam. The beats are sick. I played the whole album as a playlist when we were pre-gaming with beer pong and it got the party started.

    I never thought I’d ever say this, but I’m now a Britney Spears fan.

  • Why

    This website is apparently under the control of what Becky Bain thinks of Britney.

    Not everyone knows everything and anything to the point where we are all bored of these facts like Becky Bain is.

    It’s a promo interview from a Britney fan site, for Britney fans. It doesn’t need to be the news of the day because she isn’t acting a fool or something.

    Apparently Britney can do no good or wrong. Everything is something for Becky to write about.

  • ree ree

    Idolator! Leave Britney alone. WHat do you want from her! She has been doing this for a while so don’t expect her to be bubbly and stupid. I liked this interview and I love the album. I’m not a FAN of Britney (or anyone else) but I do like the music!

  • lina

    <3 her

  • ron

    leave her alone, shes gorgeous

  • anto33

    You are a hater.

  • john

    idolator is a gaga stan…

    but whatever, britney is still beautiful, inside out.

  • Makaela

    It’s wdoenfrul to have you on our side, haha!

  • james

    I liked this interview and I love the album. I’m not a FAN of Britney (or anyone else) but I do like the music!Milia