Lady Gaga Debuts New Song “Americano” On Stage In Mexico

Paws up, pequeños monstruos! Lady Gaga decided to finally unveil the Spanish-leaning jam “Americano” — a track from her forthcoming LP Born This Way — while performing last night at the Estadio Tres de Marzo in Guadalajara, Mexico. Watch Gaga’s stripped-down rendition of the brand new song below.

Fan site Gaga Daily quotes MTV O Award winner Gaga describing the song as “a big mariachi techno-house record, where I am singing about immigration law and gay marriage and all sorts of things that have to do with disenfranchised communities in America. It sounds like a pop record, but when I sing it, I see Edith Piaf in a spotlight with an old microphone.”

That woman does love the drama. Guess we’ll have to wait and hear the song in its “techno-house” version to get a good feel for it. (Not that we’re ungrateful for this shoddy fan vid, mind you.)

What do you think of “Americano”? Does it have you more excited for the May 23 release of Born This Way?

  • joaqfer

    I am not sure about the song, doesn’t sound good acoustically, but I’m pumped up about the concert tomorrow (Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I will have to wait to see the “mariachi-techno house” sound once the album comes out. CAN’T. EFFING. WAIT.

  • MarlonBrutal

    OMG it’s horrible

  • DD

    It’s nothing spectacular.

  • Berlin


    This song is awesome, i love the lyrics and the Edith Piaf inspired vocals!! <3

  • Sascha

    Idk, I mean it sounds good but I’m not too excited about it being in spanish. I mean we cant really sing along with it ya know.

  • Ex-fan


    I gotta a feeling this new album is not going to do well. She will end up having just one-hit wonder album!

  • elmo

    LOl..OMG people are JUST EW>..THIS IS GOOOD? JUDAS WAS AWESOME..born this way was MMK….bUt c’mon now…….people either hate her…FOr no reason? i mean how can you hate somone you dont know…..Or you either wat too see her fail…Which she wount….SHUT UPp you know you like this song…..Gaga is making pop music better….POP music should be girly and glittery it should be More than that…ARTISTIC…..

  • grrbrst

    It was raining cats and dogs and the acoustic of the place is horrible. The song was really good and I don’t think this version will be the same featured on the album.

  • danny

    It’s got an old feeling about it. I don’t think I’d want a pop album with classic sounds like this. Call Adele to duet with it. LOL

  • Mariano

    LOVE this stripped down version, love the vocals, live should sound even better of course. I also love the mexican feeling in the song, wich not everybody does

  • Nancy

    One hit wonder? Where have you been?