‘Glee’ Grants Rebecca Black A 16th Minute Of Fame, Covers “Friday”

Glee is headed to the prom on next Tuesday’s episode, and the cast’s date is Rebecca Black. (Sigh. We knew this was coming.) Artie, Puck and Sam take on Ark Music Factory‘s most famous “star” by covering Black’s “Friday.” Mind you, this arrives about a month after the popularity of the viral hit (and Rebecca herself) peaked. (Or did it?) But, oh well — it is, after all, Friday, so let’s listen to that one and a few other song selections from the “Prom Queen” ep below, shall we? Interesting that showrunner Ryan Murphy opted for an Auto-Tuned rendition of “Friday” on Glee. Wouldn’t the offbeat thing to do be having, you know, someone with a decent voice actually sing it without the studio wizardry?

Glee cast – “Friday”

William McKinley’s finest crooners also take on “Tragedy” singer Christina Perri’s somber hit “Jar Of Hearts” on Tuesday.

And what high school dance-themed episode wouldn’t be complete with out a cover of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”?

What do you think, Gleeks — did the cast improve upon Rebecca Black’s vocal masterpiece, or maul it?