Lady Gaga Has A Monster’s Ball In HBO Special

Lady Gaga may feel “like a loser” backstage at Madison Square Garden, but when she steps on stage for her HBO special, she is the ringleader of her own circus — in complete control of her little monsters, whether she’s battling an oversize “fame monster”, rocking the “Bad Romance” dance in a mirrored minidress or shouting out fans like… Liza Minelli. Gaga pulled no punches, and HBO didn’t pull many either, showing the pop queen in the raw anarchy of a live show, including rushed costume changes. Watch one of the HBO special’s highlights, a rousing acapella version of “Born This Way” — and hear more about the show — below.

The special, recorded well before she debuted “Americano” live at the tour’s Mexico City stop, was such a draw that even boxer Floyd Mayweather promised to tune in (instead of watching the evening’s marquee match between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley). Hayley Williams approved too. We hope they watched till the end to catch this:

As PopCrush noted, “Gaga kicked NYC’s a— with her six inch stilettos and then some.” (We can back that up — we were there, remember?) Gaga may still wonder how it all happened, but no one who watches Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour: Madison Square Garden possibly could. Gaga acquits herelf beautifully, showing off the true power of her pipes (after declaring that she does not and will never lip-sync) and leading her faithful straight to pop salvation.

While Gaga clearly appeared energized by the hometown crowd — who are paws up for the duration of the two-hour show — she reveals what may be the real secret of her success just before she launches into “Paparazzi”: even “when the turns its back on you, you always have yourself.”

What did you think of her performance?

  • Christopher Stego

    The HBO special was fan-bloody-tastic! The one big thing you miss out on is the energy of the arena when you are there in person. Everyone is extremely high energy and ecstatic. It was like a high being swallowed by such healthy positive vibes.

  • Justin

    She was so amazing and confident!! She’s my queen! :)

  • Derek

    I thought she did amazing!! I went to four of her shows i i never stopped dancing singing and sweating throughout every show!!! Shes is amazing and we are a very lucky generation to have somebody like her in our lives!! Whether you love her or hate her!

  • Vania

    I have been to 5 Monster Ball shows and I have had the BEST time of my life! Its sooo sad to see the Monster Ball come to an end! Watching her concert on HBO brought back many great memories! Love her or Hate her in the end she gives the most amazing performance ever! I love GaGa and I cant thank her enough for giving us the Monster Ball! I have met sooo many great people aka little monsters!! Now its time for Born This Way Ball :D :D

  • Mikel

    I’m not really a fan, I am familiar with some of her songs, although not many. I found it rather boring, I could only manage about 30 minutes. Do people really want to here her babble on and on and on and on and on and…Take a pill and get over yourself.

    I thought I was watching the female Gene Simmons.

  • Jennifer

    One word: AMAZING!

  • http://ppt eric

    amazing and unbelievable i lone her

  • Corinne

    It was fantastic! She is so so talented and such a force for good in the world. I loved it ans will be watching it as many times as I can!

  • Stacey

    Loved it! Have not had the oppurtunity to see it live but definitely going to change that after seeing it last night! I love you Mother Monster. Happy Mother’s day.

  • Bran

    A very epic experience, the energy this woman drives is insane.

  • Gabriel Aaron Campos

    The Monster Ball sucked giant monster balls

  • suedehead

    I was a bit Gaga’ed out and thought her music was primarily catchy and hook laden pop. Very good for what it is, but just over produced fluff. After watching the concert I do have far more respect for her vocal talent and ability to put on a show. I was another that wondered if she lip synched. That was certainly answered.

  • elmo1057

    Very good….Very inspiring…I love when she talks about loving yourself….be freee…..Let go of your insecurities…..its a GOod show….her music is great

  • ascft
  • Brody

    Uhm, she didnt talk for more then 5 minutes, and its HER HBO special, its not like she was talking on someone elses HBO special, maybe you should get over yourself.

  • riplee

    I loved it…not being a huge Gaga fan I have to say she can put on a show and I loved the fact that she was able to open up on stage. I would love to see her live. The next time she comes to my home town I am going….

  • Frugal Living

    I think that Lady Gaga would be a good movie star in a lot of horror films

  • MonsterBalls

    In answer to Mickels question, yes, Gaga’s Little Monsters really do want to listen to her babble on and on. It would be a very disappointing show if she didn’t stop and talk to us several times.

  • Have It Hollywood

    It will air in May 13th in Sweden!