Kelly Rowland Takes Center Stage In Her “What A Feeling” Video

When it comes to taking the spotlight, Kelly Rowland is no amateur — yet in the video for her collaboration with Italian DJ Alex Gaudino, “What A Feeling,” she’s on stage in an empty auditorium with a bunch of backup dancers, almost as if the once-unfashionable Child is trying out or rehearsing for this video rather than actually shooting it. Wearing a long white shirt, tiny shorts, and some nearly waist-high boots, the motivated diva looks as fierce as ever as we also catch her strutting around while some guys shoot hoops, then joining a gold-glittered crowd to stand back and watch the boys take over dancing duties. Watch below.

What do you think? Does the relaxed “What A Feeling” clip rank up there with the best of Kelly’s dance vids, or do you prefer a more stylized “Commander”-style take?