Rihanna Cozies Up In The World’s Largest “California King Bed” In Her New Video

Here’s what we knew we’d get from Rihanna’s “California King Bed” video: the fragrant diva’s luscious (and now lengthy) red locks, plenty of gorgeous visuals, and probably a few gratuitous shots of the guy playing her lover in the shower. We figured there was a good chance a California king bed would make a cameo, too. But what RiRi’s sneak-peak tweet didn’t prepare us for was the massive size of this bed — the largest California king of all time, we’d bet. We’ve never wanted to take a nap so badly in our lives! Check out the sun-drenched vid below.

The video certainly looks stunning, set in an ultra-luxurious beach house that makes us wonder how Rihanna could possibly be blue amidst such gorgeous scenery. It’s a good thing it’s so pretty, since beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to hold our interest here. We like seeing the soft-skinned diva get so emotive, especially during the artsy black-and-white-shot bridge, but as fitting for a song about a bed, there’s a lot of laying and sitting around (even when she opts to lay down in the grass instead of her humongous, comfortable bed).

The video kind of matches the single’s cover art in terms of excitement, but when everything looks so breath-takingly beautiful, does it really matter? If Rihanna is no longer satisfied with her epically-large California king bed, we’d be happy to take it off her hands any time.

  • Albert

    who is the guy? isn’t he on the gap 2011 summer campaign ad?

  • RYK101

    beautiful perfect flawless amazing and it is not boring, it goes perfectly with the song and the video showcases the beauty of rihanna, the location, the song, everything works perfectly it keeps you hypnotized

  • Ok Rih Rih

    His name is Nathan Owens and he is a model for Major Models in CA. HE IS SUPER FIONE! If I was Rih Rih,I would have been all over that CKB with Nathan,lol.Oh,and if you read her Rolling Stone interview,the person narrating the story says that Jay Z was on the set while she made the video,so I think that’s why she couldn’t get down the way she wanted too in this video.Why would he be there anyway and he’s married??