Hang On “The Edge Of Glory” With Lady Gaga

May 9th, 2011 // 14 Comments

It’s every little monster’s favorite pop event: new music from the sacrilicious Lady Gaga. As promised, the Italian-“Americano” has dropped promotional single “The Edge Of Glory,” and as is typical of our favorite prom queen, it’s a monster dance jam with a big beat and powerhouse chorus. What’s not so typical? How about that saxophone, courtesy of E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons? Though we’re still not sure if Gaga is yawning or sneezing or what in that artwork, we are very certain that “Edge Of Glory” is nothing to yawn or sneeze at. This is the most excited we’ve been since Saturday’s HBO special. Paws up and head below to listen, monsters!

The “Government Hooker” has stated that the song was inspired by the final moments of her grandfather’s life, so the lyrics (about going home with a new lover) come as a bit of a surprise. Still, the song does have an epic, go-for-broke feel to it, and a distinct Bruce Springsteen vibe, too (not only because the saxophonist plays with The Boss himself). All in all, we think it’s a glorious addition to what we’ve heard from Born This Way (possibly even better than the first two singles).

What say you, little monsters? Will you be hanging onto “The Edge Of Glory”?


  1. Drayke

    This song is a home run. She knocked it out of the park. I love it!

  2. I love it

    I like the way shes signing in it…I love the beat the songs everything

  3. Minsk

    amazing song, have no other words to describe it… love you Gaga=) keep toping=)

  4. JuJu

    that no one knows when it is going to be……so it’s about living as you were already there. living as if you were already at that moment. only truth matters….that’s why people confess incredible things on their deathbed. that’s why Gaga is all about truth

  5. Wow, this is by far her worst single. It’s the most generic, lowrent gay club cliché-ridden snoozer I’ve heard in years. This album looks to be a complete disaster. Shows what happens when you rush and crank out a record on an assembly line. Do over, please.

  6. THIS IS VERY SIMPLE EURO SONG WITH VERY SIMPLE BEAT. Her WORST single from born this way. If she’s on top now doesn’t matter everything she’s doing is very amazing.

  7. Two years is hardly “rushing” anything, and it’s anything BUT assembly line. Your obvious prejudice has made you deaf

  8. Xadax

    Sounds Like Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You
    Judas sounded like a parrot singing + Bad Romance
    BTW sounds like Express Yourself, WHen Love Takes Over etc…

  9. seb

    i can see myself jumpin up and down and screaming the lyrics in a club this summer! amazing song.

  10. thats it, im no longer a fan, bye gaga *kisses*

  11. LolRly?

    No Idea where the Kelly Clarkson comparisons come from…doesnt really sound much like it. My Life Would… happens to be one of my favorite songs anyway.

  12. Justin

    I totally agree…this song is Saxy…and Sexy…lol. I just love Clemons so much and GAGA is bringing back the 80′s romance with the E Street Clemons!

    The Queen rules!

  13. jasper

    please be respectful lady gaga wrote this only hours after her beloved grandfather died
    unlike most artists today gaga writes and sings music that actually has meaning
    she didn’t crank this album out of the assembly line- she spent 2 years writing and producing it so get your facts straight

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