Cascada Ignore Lady Gaga Long Enough To Jack Katy Perry With “San Francisco”

It’s been so long since Cascada copped Lady Gaga’s sound — case in point: “Evacuate The Dancefloor,” “Pyromania,” “Night Nurse,” etc. etc. — we were starting to wonder what was up! But sadly for the “Judas” songstress, the German dance act appears to have shifted its attention to another chart-topping American pop tart: Katy Perry. Watch Cascada’s “San Francisco” video below, and decide whether or not you think California gurls should be snapping Natalie Horler & Co. with their beach towels.

It’s been so long since we’ve heard an original-sounding single from Cascada (have we ever, really?) that it’s a wonder how this borderline karaoke act keeps getting away with their sound-alike shenanigans. But, hey — it’s been a full year since the release of Katy’s “California Gurls.” Surely everyone’s already forgotten it by now, right?

“Wake me up in San Francisco,” Horler chirps over the chorus. More appropriate lyrics might be “wake me up when the next NOW compilation arrives.” After all, how’s a girl to decide what to sing next?

We eagerly await your variations of Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale jams this time next year, Cascada!

  • Brimeon

    This is so much better than California Gurls it’s almost impossible to believe it’s the same beat.

  • Sebastian Rio

    This is first of all. Not Katy Perry’s ripoff. you are so ignorant if you think that not only she copied gaga but Katy as well. Didn’t every one ripoff gaga for copied Madonna?? Why in the hell would you and bash Cascada. Every single song has been a great dance track for them. Don’t hate.

  • Anthony Questa

    I agree with the other responses. Whoever wrote this article is very ignorant and misinformed. Some of the chords may be the same but that happens in a lot of songs. As a musician there are only so many chord progressions and sometimes the similarities are easy to hear. “Evacuate The Dancefloor”, “Pyromania” and “Night Nurse” I’m still trying to understand how those songs are considered rip offs according to this article. It sounds to me like the author is just a very negative person and just because they don’t like Cascada’s music they want to spread their own personal negativity on the group and their fans.

  • Mr. JT

    Look, you guys need to stop it with the attacks on Cascada. Their music is a lot of fun and I’d rather hang out with Natalie than Gaga or Katy anyday.

  • katherine

    i dont know who this b*tch is but she sure is UNORIGINAL! she WISHES she could be as popular as katy perry! TOO BAD! there is only one california queen! san fransisco is boring anyways! nothin but a bunch of hobos on the golden gate

    • Ricardo

      She is Cascada aka Natalie Horler and she is definitely no bitch. Unlike gaga or Perry who only seek attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why

    Cascada….something is weird about them. Her voice is so good but should just sing in German like a good little Fraulein.

    • Ricardo

      Why? She is of English Descent, so if she wants to sing English let her.

  • J

    Everyone got on Natalie for making the same style of music for years… she branches out and people complain about her copying others…

    Even if it IS a copy (which im not saying it is) what would be the problem? If you think about it, most everything is derivative of everything nowadays. Doesn’t mean it is a bad song or that nobody should listen to it.

  • Ricardo

    Cascada is way better then Katy Perry and San Francisco doesn’t look or sound like California Gurls and she doesn’t need to show her body of in a clip like all those sad female american artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo

    Cascada 4 Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!