Jessica Sutta Is A Pin-Up Girl In Capra’s “If I Was” Video

May 11th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Jessica Sutta earned her status as a pin-up girl back when she started with the Pussycat Dolls. But her latest appearance underscores why she’s also one of pop’s most underrated performers: she shows off all the right moves in the new video “If I Was” by pop-rockers Capra (not to be confused with Jessica’s own “If I Was A Man”). Watch Jessica rock outfits inspired by Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise and David Beckham — all subjects of Capra’s “If I Was” lyrics — and hear the exclusive scoop on her solo album below.

Meanwhile, Jessica is quietly developing her own plan for total world domination. In addition to the bouncy “Pin Up Girl”, she’s released singles like “I Wanna Be Bad” and appeared on Paul Van Dyk’s “White Lies”.

Jessica — a devout Jessie J fan — told us that her own full album is “coming along amazing. I’ve worked with the most incredible people. I’ve grown so much as an artist and woman these past couple years. Being able to write about my life experience through my music is such a gift. It has changed my life and I absolutely love it. I want to show who I am. Jessica. And I want to be honest in my music. I feel the more honest you are, the more you connect with your audience and possibly help them, inspire them, allow them to get lost in your music.. After all, that’s what music does for me.”

What’s been inspiring her lately? Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. (Presumably the original, not the meh Glee cover.) “I’m mesmerized by her voice and lyrics.I like to get lost in the music I listen to. It also inspired me to write about someone who broke my heart. Best revenge is through music.”

We can’t wait to hear Jessica serve it up cold.

What did you think of Capra’s song?


  1. Daniel Paro

    I loved this article. Jessica Sutta’s the best , I can’t wait for her solo cd. I Wanna Be Bad, Pin-up Girl and Jack in the Box sound AMAZING.

  2. qettu

    what is name of this boy? :D

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