Hear A Snippet Of Willow Smith’s New Track “Rock Star”

Is your neck sufficiently rested from all that whipping your hair back and forth? Good. Because Willow Smith’s about to bust out a new track called “Rock Star,” and from what we can tell in this snippet, it’s just as likely to get you dancing in a way that only a nine-year-old can easily recover from. The song is included in a video of the “21st Century Girl” backstage before and after her airborne appearance at the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards. Hey, she may be younger than your average “Rock Star,” but we’re not about to argue with her. Watch below to hear her latest.

“When I take off my shades, please don’t be shocked by my age, I’m taking over the game,” the future commander in chief sings in the new tune, clearly having no lack of self-esteem.

Sounds like another winner from the tiny diva, doesn’t it?