Kelly Clarkson’s “Tell Me A Lie” Sounds Incredible, Honestly

Kelly Clarkson may still be selecting songs for her new studio album, for all we know, and if so, we’re starting to understand why it “sucks” to settle on a tracklist: she has too many good songs. “Tell Me A Lie” (which may or may not be new) just surfaced, and it kicks. Is there a chance this is the original American Idol‘s first new single? Listen below.

Tell me anything, but don’t you say she’s what you’re missing, baby / If she’s the reason that you’re leaving me here tonight / Spare me what you’re thinking / Tell me a lie“, Kelly sings with rafter-reaching power over a bouncing tempo. Based on the production, the track does sound like it might’ve been a leftover from All I Ever Wanted, but it’s hard to say for sure. Prophet says it’s “clearly in demo form awaiting a good spit and polish”, and yet we’re already imagining it blasting from car speakers in September (the album’s expected release date).

“Tell Me A Lie” comes after she introduced “You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like” live, and previously unreleased jams “Naked Eye” and the ballad “Lost” hit the Web. And it might just be the best new Kelly Clarkson song we’ve heard yet. We’re not expecting the track list to include the Ryan Tedder-skewering “Wash, Rinse, Repeat” — not because it’s not hot, but because Kelly’s label “was not really into it :)”. Wonder why.

Kelly told fans she recorded her last song for the album back in February, but September is a long way off, and track lists change all the time. She has been listening to a lot of Adele and Lykke Li, and it’s not difficult to imagine that inspiration may strike anew. But — not that it’s a surprise — it’s clearer than ever that she’s already sitting on a stack of hits.

How does “Tell Me Lie” stack up? Be honest, now.

[Via MJ]