Lady Gaga Brings “Judas” And “Born This Way” To ‘Graham Norton’

Apparently Lady Gaga was up to a little more than donning wacky headwear on her visit to London this week. Yesterday V‘s mythological monstress stopped by the UK’s Graham Norton show to perform her first two Born This Way singles, and as usual, pulled out all the stops in two energetic live numbers. Capital H-e-r continued to rock a 101 Dalmatians-inspired look in Europe as she delivered a (literally) fiery rendition of “Judas” atop a giant box, then switched outfits for an all-black, mournful-looking (not mournful-sounding) “Born This Way,” partially from inside a fish tank — all backed by the dancers we met in her HBO special. Watch these and the interview below.

Say what you will about Gaga — the lady is no slouch, always giving every performance her all. By contrast, this interview shows Gaga as a little more relaxed and down-to-earth than we’re used to seeing her (despite another theatrical outfit).

What do you think of the latest from the Monster Ball maven?

  • jasper

    her vocals were on point for once on judas
    good job

  • ascft

    Love GagA <3<3
    French This Way :

  • Ceevox

    BRILLIANT! Whatta voice and capability for performance.
    Goooosh, she was on tour for 2 years and still have strenght and creativy ideas to come out… GENIOUS!

  • Arturo Hernández Martínez

    I’ve always enjoyed this show and always have wondered why was it that Gaga never was invited to it (i think) and just by seeing this (the performance and the interview) I’m once again amazed by how great is Gaga as a performer, as a musician and as an artist. She really manages to distinguish those three personas and I’ve a feeling that’s what has made her relevant to modern culture and hopefully will keep her in that state for a long time.