Victoria Justice Wants Her “Best Friend’s Brother” In New Single

May 16th, 2011 // 24 Comments
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Victoria Justice may play an aspiring singer on her Nickelodeon show Victorious, but the 18-year old is about to hit it big in real life. The teen star is currently prepping her debut album, and Idolator has the exclusive premiere of Justice’s new single, “Best Friend’s Brother”, in which she pines after her BFF’s bro. Listen to the teen rock out while explaining her dilemma below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Victoria Justice - Best Friend's Brother" dl="0"]

“I know it’s strange, I don’t know what he’s thinking / Is it strange if I see him this weekend? /I really hope I can get him alone / I just don’t know want her to know / Yeah, my best friend’s brother is the one for me,” sings the pop star of her friend’s 6’3 older bro.

Victoria might be perplexed about the awkward sitch with her bestie, but we’re banging our heads to this fist-pumping tune. It’s a little rougher and tougher than Victoria’s last jam, “Beggin’ On Your Knees”. In fact, it reminds us of something Pink might record if she was a lovelorn teen.

“This one’s very special to me because it’s the first song that I wrote that will be used on my show,” Victoria told us exclusively. “I get to perform it as well. It was inspired by a true life experience and I think it’s a song that most girls can relate to.”

You can see Victoria’s cute “Best Friend’s Brother” artwork exclusively on Celebuzz.

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  1. nice newsletters

  2. eri

    its her voice?¿?¿

  3. Nino

    Awesome Love it <3 <3

  4. Jocelyn

    Oh wow haha, I like it. The chorus I mean…haha but she’s a great singer…

  5. CrazyOldMe!

    I have had this stuck in my head all day, but I only had known the lyrics that you see in the preview. So in my head all day was “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Youre best friend’s brother is the one for me!” I am very happy to hear it all. ;)

  6. Eli

    BFB!BFB! Love this song. Justice is on the right track

  7. Elle

    FYI, you posted that “My bestfriends boyfriend” instead of “My bestfriends brother”. That would have been awkward…

  8. Victoria,
    Sounds excellent, your voice is becoming much stronger. Keep it up. Your father is doing well, we spent a few weeks in the Keys in April. he is . He’s a Wonderful Person, You can be proud of yopur Father.

  9. M

    this a very good song and you are a very good singer so keep it up Victoria justice I know you will make a great album and when you do i can’t wait to buy it

  10. Marylou Blouin

    your beautiful on the photo Vicky

  11. George Da Unicorn

    I wish i was her Best Friend’sbrother now…

  12. i like victora i some times i like it on vidos on you tube and on tv

  13. awesome, I like this music, many times i’ve for hear yours musics, you rock!

  14. i luv it she is such a good singer <3

  15. I love this song so much i cant even say how many times ive listened to it! love her amaz song! its great for her voice keep bringing it Vic! <3 uu xox SOOO GOOOD! ;{)

  16. i love you victoria justice

  17. Hi my name is Salma and i am i big fan of you YOU ARE SO COOL :) :) LOVE :)

  18. chelsea

    i love all your songs <3

  19. jaspreet

    i agree

  20. ALI

    hey my name i ALI …..and I LOVE U so much

  21. natalia

    eu amo todos eles sao todos perfeitos………mais eu queria que a tori ficase com o beck…….

  22. Kayla Fowler

    Demi what should I do!
    So Cher Lloyd she feels better has a video With Ur Love?

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