The Cast Of ‘Glee’ Isn’t “Pretending” On Their Latest Original Tune

Ready for more original music from New Directions, Gleeks? After expressing their desire to “Light Up The World” in the recently-released track from the season finale, another original song has surfaced — a heartfelt ballad between Cory Monteith and Maxim minx Lea Michele called “Pretending.” We’re guessing this tune — penned by Adam Anders, Peer Astrom and Shelly Peiken — is not one Finn and Rachel will be performing at Nationals in New York, but rather will hit an emotional story beat possibly involving the on-again/off-again lovebirds working out their feelings for each other. And, okay, while that storyline may not be so original, at least this new track is! Hear it below.

Naturally, this track will also surface on the show’s Volume 6 soundtrack.

Are you continuing to enjoy the cast of Glee trying out some fresh songs, or do you wish they’d stick to covers?