Nicki Minaj Sounds “So Special” In A New Snippet

Few (besides Lil Kim) would ever deny that facial contortionist Nicki Minaj is a pretty rare breed of talent, so when she claims she is “So Special” in her take on Movado’s track of the same name, we’re willing to get on board with that. Taking a break from spitting rhymes on tracks by everyone from David Guetta to Britney Spears, the Maxim hottie gets more emotive than usual singing here: “So you can keep my things / There’s nothing you can bring / And you can have my ring / You can add it to your bling.” Hear it below.

Given her recent comments on Eminem’s use of homophobic language on their track “Roman’s Revenge,” at least one lyric here may come as a surprise to some fans: “You’re softer than a homosexual.”

Do you think the latest from Nicki is anything special?

  • JustStoppingBy

    As a gay man I can say that I am not offended by the line in this new snippet. I know how Nicki feels about her gay fans- she loves us as much as we love her. This is a really good snippet though- hopefully we will see a full track from this.

  • Jamel

    This track was leaked and was recorded in 2008-2009 but still it is a really good track.

  • Jacobe

    Sorry, JustStoppingBy, but I hate having to make up excuses for artists and mass media in general. If you make a homophobic comment (softer than a homosexual equates to calling him effeminate), then you make a homophobic comment. Rather than just have to remember how she loves her fans, why doesnt she just show love in her work…or at least not show disrespect.

  • shontay2011

    yeah dats flowless

  • http://myspace ladyy fancyy

    how do u knooe ?