Lady Gaga Gives Nocturnal Vows In New Track “Marry The Night”

If the somewhat earnest empowerment anthem “Hair” wasn’t exactly your cup of tea with regards to Lady Gaga‘s upcoming Born This Way LP, there’s good news, Little Monsters — album track “Marry The Night” has arrived (via FarmVille!), and it’s at least got us saying “I do” more than “Judas” and “The Edge Of Glory” combined! Hear it below.

We could just crouch down and kiss Lady Gaga (we’re tall) for “Marry The Night.” It’s moody! It’s dancey! It’s rockin’! It’s even got creepy old-school horror movie synth-organ riffs!

“Gonna marry the night, I’m gonna burn a hole in the rug / I’m gonna marry the night, leave nothin’ on the street to explore,” Gaga warns on her new track. It’s just the type of record we can envision Pat Benatar wailing on with leather glove-clad fist raised high in 1983.

Sure, it’s vaguely reminiscent of Madonna’s “Burnin’ Up” (maybe it’s the pop starlet-meets-rock-tinged-dance-jam quality), but it’s already been established time and time again that Gaga has a case of Madgeitis these days. So just go with it and get into the groove!

Lady Gaga – “Marry The Night”

How do you think “Marry The Night” stacks up against the other songs we’ve heard so far from Born This Way, Monsters?

  • seb

    best song from Born This Way so far!


    Guess, Idolator guys are little monsters too))))
    This song is AGAIN very typical POPASTIC) It’ll be forgotten easily)
    Judas is the best for me) that’s why it came #2 for a single.

  • Mark

    Unless Madonna can write both music and lyrics and play instruments, then Gaga does not have a case of Madgeitis. Could Madonna sit down at a piano and belt out a song? I think not, only real musicians can do that. I wish Madonna’s songs had been as good and edgy as Gaga’s, if so, I would have been a fan.


      Of course, Madonna can. She plays not only on a piano. It’s obviously, that you are not a fan)))

  • Mark

    I’ve never seen madonna sit at a piano and play a song and sing – don;t think she can


    I’ve never seen it too)…but I’m sure she can.well, Madonna usually plays guitar at her concerts, singing live and dancing at the same time…also, she gives perfect shows…Gaga just repeats her..maybe not in music but in image..she also repeats Amy Winehouse’s fashion style….Gaga is a REMIX of really good artists..mostly I like her as a songwriter..) I like JLo’s Invading My Mind co-written by Gaga)

  • Xavier Gonzalez

    all of the songs for BTW sound the same!….and @ Mark im not a fan of Madonna But i know she can play instruments and you’d have to be blind if you can see that most of gagas work is a Madonna Rip off!

  • Brandon Hilton

    best track on BTW, my favorite since the first time hearing it! this album is a pop masterpiece!

  • Xadax

    Hair was like Rachel Berry’s My Headband or Only Child!

  • Sammie

    can we have a post where people don’t mention Madonna? k thanks

  • brandon

    OMG AMAZING!! <3 chorus is perfect! these are my fav. from born this way so far..

    2)Goverment hooker(remix)
    3)Marry the night
    4)Edge of Glory
    5)Born this way


  • WAtccher

    Okay so while I don’t agree that actually made me snort from laughing.

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    Mark Madonna Plays the piano and the guitar, she has done this on tour before. Do your research before talking smack ;)

  • Fan

    How about this, let’s just celebrate all of these wonder pop artist and quit comparing. Everyone is inspired by everyone, it’s just how it works. It’s extremely hard to come back someone that is ALL original. NOT ONE, artist today is utterly original. It’s just not ever going to happen. And that’s because everything has been done virtually and there has been a song on every single topic known to man. Sex, heartache, love, family issues, social issues.. female empowerment, male empowerment. So let’s stop with the it sounds sort of like this, because you can go through a lot of songs and say the same thing about them. (I don’t think anyone has wrote a song about unicorns though, I’ll love that one)

    =) So say what you want, both are great artist. (One has a better voice then the other) both are pop icons (even if gaga doesn’t want to be called one yet) and both are very talented. I support both

  • eLMO

    Uh? LIke madonna was every Original! I personally think Gaga is better

  • Mark

    I know she can pick out a few chords on a guitar, but playing the piano? Never heard of it or seen it. Please provide link to YouTube video of her playing the piano.

  • just heard

    Wow, I was losing faith after I heard “Hair”. But this song is a Banger! Hands down Marry the Night is my favorite from BTW. Its also the first from BTW that I really took to after the first or second listen, this hasn’t happened for a gaga single since Alejandro.

  • Spencer

    First let me ask why the f$ck does everyone compare her to that washed up uninspired lack of talent Madonna? None of Gaga’s lyrics in any song that she has ever come out with have anything that resembles old Madge!! Wtf? Are all you little Vagsters upset that Madonna hasn’t been a relevant artist for years and your scared that Gaga is going to (if not already) wipe her from the face of pop music? I must admit that Judas was a little out there the first time I heard it but like all of Gaga’s new music it is unexpected and shows the growth of a new artist! Lets not forget this is only her SECOND full length CD so all you people bashing her might as well just get over her or get used to all that is Gaga because she is here to stay! Marry The Night, Hair, Edge of Glory, and Born This Way are changing the sound of pop music as we know it whether you like it or not!! Lmfao ;)


      What the F$CK are talking about, stupid monster! I don’t like her brand new songs from BTW except Judas and Gaga’s new album is not changing anything in pop music – everything she does now is all the forgotten music of 20th century. Think, then talk.
      Gaga can stay but don’t DARE compare her ridiculous image with Madonna, Again, DON’T DARE- who you are all the stupid litlle monsters for doing it.
      All you is just bla, bla, bla.

  • Flyer95

    AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT…Definitely a notch above “Edge of Glory” and “Hair” in my opinion. Marry the Night lives up to it’s hype. I’ve already listened to it several times today. The lyrics are so Gaga! Can’t wait for “Scheisse” and “Government Hooker” to come out next. Just listened to “Heavy Metal Lover” which is somewhat along the lines of “Scheisse” and “Gov’t Hooker” but it’s still a song all it’s own. Thanks for posting.

  • Carl

    Marry the Night is my favourite too on the BTW album. Love the production on it. The church organ is the distinct stand out sound on it.

    It’s not that far off being a proper underground dance track, were it not for the different melodic sections, which I like btw. It blends the pop formula with an underground pumping of contemporary side-chaining, which doesn’t ever get boring.
    A great first track for the album. Shame the singles aren’t as good.

  • timothy

    Xavier Gonzalez thats not true im tired of everyone saying that obviously they have issues identifying core differences in each track learn your music people God !!