Lady Gaga Sits Down With Fuse

Lady Gaga’s promotional tour in the lead up to next Monday’s (May 23) release of Born This Way continues, this time via an interview with Fuse’s On The Record host Toure. A lot of the one-on-one covers things we’ve heard before — the ideology behind Born This Way, Gaga’s love for her fans, etc. She does, however, get a bit snippy when Toure suggests innocuously enough that she wrote her first album The Fame “in peace.” Watch Mother Monster’s latest interview below! One sensitive Gaga issue touches on is the topic of bullying, particularly her own experience with it in school.

“I remember going to gym class one day and there was all kinds of profanity written all over my gym locker,” she recalls. “Just mine. And it just said the most horrendous, awful things, ranging from sexual orientation to race to religion to social status. And it sticks with you and it hurts. And I went home and I cried. I didn’t want to go to school.”

In the second segment, Toure asks Gaga what it’s like to make a record when the whole world is waiting (Born This Way) as opposed to her first album (The Fame), which he suggests she made “when you’re in peace.”

Gaga’s eyes practically bug out of her head. “In peace? Listen, I was never making anything in peace,” she states. “If you think I wrote The Fame in peace, you have a strong misconception of what I have been through to get to where I am today. The fight — being dropped by record labels; being told that I was too strange; being told that the music was too dance. The fight that I have been through is not in peace.”

Gaga didn’t sound angry at Toure, but she was clearly making her point be known.

Did you learn anything new about Lady Gaga in her On The Record interview, Little Monsters?

[Via Gaga Daily]