Beyonce Is All About Girl Power In Her Bonkers “Run The World (Girls)” Video

Let’s forget for the moment that Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)”, the lead single from her forthcoming album 4, kinda bombed on the charts, and let’s enjoy the video for what it is… er, what is this, exactly? In the epic Francis Lawrence-directed clip (which premiered on American Idol Wednesday night), there are twin beasts (hyenas?) leashed in chains, women nailed on crosses, cars exploding and choreography that might even rival the moves in “Single Ladies”. Don’t believe us? See for yourself after the jump.

Beyonce – “Run The World (Girls)”

Everything from :45 to 1:41 — magic. The rest? Well, why don’t you tell us what you thought in the comments.

  • Drew

    This is….disgusting.

  • Gia

    Some shots from the teasers are no longer in the final version of video, they were edited out.

  • Why

    Nothing special when almost everyone is stepping it up these days. I liked it but it didn’t need 2 months to premier.

  • Tavo Corgnali

    I like the video but the song I just can’t stand it, just can’t

  • Justin M.

    I was impressed with the video! The choreography was impressive + the scene with the hyenas was awesome! Her outfits were epic!

    Only problem . .. the song itself still sucks :(

  • Aaron Howard

    This video was a hot mess! Yeah, the choreography had some good parts and some of the shots were good but overall this is B’s worst video to date. Why does she have blonde hair? What’s up with the chick being crucified? Why is she trying be like Ke$ha with the animal thing? This video is doing too much for its own good. To be honest, I’d like to see where Idolator is getting Single Ladies out of this because, like the song, Run The World (Girls) is an abomination of a song that shouldn’t have been made. Especially for the Queen B herself.

  • Diszhob

    I have mixed feelings. Beyonce seemed so inrecognizable to me at certain scenes. I keep disliking the song more and more.

  • Freya

    I’m so proud of her accomplishments and this video is explosively hot!!! and she’s absolutely right about who runs the world. Strong and very true statement !! Love u B..

  • ZMH

    this is so amusing i can’t stop laughing all the way, starting from the point b shakes her head and boobs like they are burning..and at 1:05 you can see that guy’s WTF face.

  • naia


  • Mimi

    She said it best, “You Cannot DEFINE Me” So people stop putting Beyonce in a little box and let her inspire women, like she was born to do. Execute your mission Beyonce! Who Run This Motha? YEPPP!

  • Theo

    The video was shot april 11-14th its only been a month since she shot it!


    I love it!

  • Gabrielle

    I do not know why people are saying the song sucks. Is it that they find the rhythm a bit too different– or is it that they don’t like the lyrics? You can’t say the song sucks– and not give reasons. I have listened to the song and at first it took getting some use to– the rhythm that is — but 10 points for stepping out of the box. Note: Something different doesn’t mean it sucks. Secondly I listened to the lyrics– It has been said over and over again by the experts on relationships that many women do not know the power they have or possess in a relationship. I think Beyonce’s video and lyrics epitamy of a woman reclaiming her power. If you listen carefully she speaks of a woman’s ability to multi task and still bear children and then get back to “business” example: holding down a job or more running a business. How does it suck? compare this to any song Kesha or Katy Perry sings. From a literary perspective it is tight. Perhaps the people who say it sucks maybe its a little to high in academia for them. Enough said.

  • Gabrielle

    Maybe she’s trying to say that all women are one? maybe she’s trying to say that she is no different from the women around the world and the challenges and emotions they feel as a whole? What do you mean by not being identifiable? You need to say because your comment is ambiguous and open to too many interpretations. Or are you saying that this is not Bey.. in terms of her personality. And note any artiste be it dancer, singer, musician… if they are one dimensional, they will be boring. Do you dress and look the same as you did 5years ago? I think not. Change is good and constant but there are those of us who prefer to pin hole artistes and leave them there.

  • Gabrielle

    What’s the problem with blonde hair? Was Kesha the first to have animals in her video? Do you think maybe she was trying to show the various artiste or women who are in control of their lives as in Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock? maybe she was celebrating various women? How many times did you view the video to analyze it ? We often time try to psychoanalyze an artiste by the persona they are playing. Literature in the form of lyrics mimics or reflects life. In literature there is the term “death of the author”. Try to view it again and see what she is saying. She is playing a character forget the blonde hair.

  • Yang Lee

    i love it!!! bey is the best n she worked it good!

  • obaqmarocks

    Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!! Even her fans love it

  • moi

    what a surprise,they all love it..compared to the impact former-queens(potentiel)of soul-had on the industry,this is nothing.Bey started as a koosjer girl now exposing herself like name it..Look at what made W Houston .she’s was like a angel,her voice looks songs..that’s what a diva needs to be,an example for all the kids watching..I get the M J feeling when i see this..(even though she’s not even close when it comes to talent,yet again she’s 1 off the few still dancing singing ect.).Just like MJ she’s cathcing up for the time she’s been supervised by daddy.But maybe B should call daddy ,and ask him to help her with her image again.She’s turning 30,is a mother now,it’s time for a change’s tme to start beeing a rolemodel to use your talent for the better,not just shaking booty in the cub,cause there’s moe to life Bey..this is kinda crappy