Why Gwen Stefani’s L’Oreal Shoot Looks Familiar

May 19th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Gwen Stefani was spotted while in the midst of her L’Oreal photo shoot in Cannes (yes, that’s the same dress we saw her in for the amFAR Gala earlier today). While taking the lovely image of the ELLE cover girl posing on a balcony we couldn’t quite figure out why we felt like we were experiencing a terrible case of pop star photo deja vu. Jump below as we unravel the mystery.

Aha! That’s it! Gwen is simply reminding us of Beyonce’s Harper’s Bazaar shoot in Paris last month. Phew, we feel so much better now.
gwen stefani-beyonce

Whose shots are you digging more? Beyonce or Gwen?


  1. newginafets

    Gwen. Obviously!!

  2. Von Tae'

    Beyonce ! Duh , She Looks Flawless !

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