“Smile”! It’s Avril Lavigne’s New Video

What kind of role model is Avril Lavigne? Well, for starters, she goes around tagging walls,  floors and even the camera in her music video for “Smile” — a song in which she drops the F bomb (and a few other swear words). Naughty, naughty Avril! Oh, well — we love her, anyway, green hair and all. Watch “Smile” after the jump. To be fair, the Shane Drake-directed “Smile” vid also has us following Avril as she picks up pieces of a broken glass heart, thus mending the sad tickers of various people she meets along the way. So you see, she’s a foul-mouthed pop tart with a heart of gold!

Just one thing, Av —  don’t think we didn’t pick up on those couple-breaking-up-at-a-cafe references to Debbie Gibson’s 1988 “Foolish Beat” video. Particularly the black-and-white segments with the red glass! (Er, you were referencing that video, weren’t you?)

Debbie Gibson – Foolish Beat by jpdc11