Beyonce Will Love You “Till The End Of Time” In New Single

May 20th, 2011 // 56 Comments
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Beyonce’s next 4 single, “Till The End Of Time”, has surfaced online — just in time for the pending apocalypse, too! Will this midtempo dance tune have the success that “Run The World (Girls)” never really did? Listen to the track below, and try to ignore the repetitive tags reminding us that this is for “internal use only”. Oops.

“Come and take my hand, I won’t let you go / I will be your friend, I will love you so,” sings Bey. “I will be the one who kisses you at night / I will love you till the end of time.” Which may or may not be Saturday. And may or may not be the same moment referred to in her similarly titled duet with Justin Timberlake, the FutureSex/LoveSounds slow jam “Until The End Of Time”.

With marching band percussion, swelling, B-Day-style horns and lovesick lyrics, we already see this tune winning with Beyonce stans and casual fans alike. (And Drake fans, actually, since B uses the same Jai Paul sample that Drizzy rode in “Dreams Money Can Buy”. However, we’re seriously itching for a higher BPM track from the body-mover — though we suppose we already got that with RTW(G). Boo. Third single soon, please! We want to groove on the dance floor to a brand new Bey song without feeling embarrassed.

Tags aside, what do you think of “Till The End Of Time”? Is this a return to form for the pop star?


    better u suprise me if u don’t make me happy i’ll make pi in your disc

  2. Why

    Hey I just realized she did a song called this same title with Justin Timberlake. WTH??? It’s like 3 years old though from the “Mr. timberlake” cd. Kinda weird.

  3. Gareth

    This is wonderful!!! The beat the lyrics all composed well Im loving it.

    and to the last poster “Until the end of Time” is what your thinking about thats an old song this is “Till the end of time” lol x

  4. moi

    i demand more from a souldiva,she’s reppin’ our generation,and she’s not doing it very well..this is such a ‘standard’ song,nothing new,nothing special..


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