The-Dream Finds The “Motivation” To Remix Kelly Rowland And Lil Wayne

May 21st, 2011 // 3 Comments

Kelly Rowland sings, “Baby, I’mma be your motivation” on her recent Lil Wayne-assisted single, and the girl isn’t lying: Da Brat and Jeremih have already taken stabs at the not-as-inspirational-as-you’d-think-from-the-title track, and now The-Dream has been motivated to take a turn on the tune as well. Keeping Weezy’s rhymes and some of the “What A Feeling” diva’s vocals, the man responsible for convincing Kim Kardashian to curse our ears with her “Jam” adds his own voice to the mix with such naughty lines as: “Go harder, let me hit that body like it’s never been hit before.” If that so motivates you, head below to hear the full remix.

Unfortunately, The-Dream’s version doesn’t add anything we weren’t already getting from the original: a sexy bedroom-ready beat and plenty of come-hither coos in the vocals. We wonder what motivated The-Dream to add himself onto this track — the song’s recent ascent on the Hot 100, perhaps?

Consider us motivated to go back and listen to the original again instead.


  1. Eric

    This is the DEFINITION of not adding anything new!! I thought a remix was supposed to take a song to a whole new level… guess I was mistaken…

    Still a great song, though. #teamkelly

  2. He needs to be fined or incarcerated for ear assault. This is horrible. Definitely go back to the origina. Talk about painful.

  3. Why

    I remember Dream being a pop group from Puffy. LOL

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