Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Apparently Survive The Rapture In “Next 2 You”

What will today’s hottest pop stars use for fodder when this Judgment Day hoopla turns out to be all for naught? Britney Spears is dancing “Till The World Ends,” Wynter Gordon is partying “Til Death,” and Beyonce can only promise to love us “Till The End Of Time.” Now the boys are getting in on the doomsday act, too — and although their collaboration doesn’t begin with the word “till,” in pics from their “Next 2 You” video shoot, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber appear to be living in the same post-apocalyptic (but still sexy) world Britney Spears and Beyonce inhabit in their latest videos. See the snaps below.


jbcb-550x410If we can take anything from this latest music video trend, it’s that only young, beautiful pop stars will be left on Earth after Judgment Day.

Maybe the Billboard Music Awards will go on as scheduled after all… except, without an audience.

Kinda makes you want to stay in tonight just in case, huh?