Do You Think Britney Spears Was Phoning It In At The Billboard Music Awards?

If last night’s on-stage team-up of Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj at the Billboard Music Awards was supposed to be a preview of the pair’s upcoming tour, well, at least half of that bill looks entertaining. Brit first popped in for a surprise appearance with show opener Rihanna. But was it just us or was there not a live Spears vocal in the house?

Again, forgive us if we need to phone up the ear doctor for a check-up, but Britney appeared to be the only artist of all who performed at the Vegas event last night who lip-synced. And she had two numbers! By all rights, Spears should have been the star of the night.

At least the “Till The World Ends pop icon danced a bit livelier with Rihanna during “S&M” than at her Good Morning American gig back in March. Alas, when she marched on stage following Nicki’s peppy “Super Bass,” Brit busted zero moves.

Whether it’s sheer laziness or a case of her camp being super-cautious with the “fragile” singer (remember, she’s apparently mentally incapable of testifying in court, according to her own parents), Britney really shouldn’t be put in front of the public until she sorts out whatever issues seem to be going on behind the scenes. It’s a cheat to her fans — after all, she’s certainly performed with decent-enough live vocals in the past — and, to say the very least, it just makes her look bad.

At the end of her stint with Rihanna, after they’d had the pillow fight, Britney went in for a rushed hug with the “S&M” singer and then started to walk off stage, leaving RiRi to stand there alone. Sadly, it was a short but very telling moment. And it made us long for the days when a calm, cool and collected Spears used to mop that stage up with all else who set foot on it.

Do you think Britney has lost the desire to perform live? And more importantly, after seeing the Billboard Music Awards, would you buy a ticket to see one of her upcoming concerts?

  • Safari Poet

    I think she’s lost the desire. It looks like she’s doing what she has to and not what she wants. She doesn’t dance or sing anymore. She lip-syncs and shuffles her feet. The walking off stage right after the performance was weird, but just proved what I thought. Her videos, albums and dances moves aren’t as great as they once were. She’s just floating on her leftover popularity, but what happens when that’s done. I hope the old Britney will make an appearance one day.

  • scott3315

    I completely agree with Safari Poet.

  • Vi

    I love Brit’s new album and I’m a fan of the performer she used to be, but I’m so disappointed by the lack of effort she’s putting into her recent performances. I’d planned on buying tickets for the ‘Femme Fatale’ tour, but then I saw her “performance” on Kimmel, and decided not to waste my money. It’s actually insulting that she thinks she can be so lackluster and expect her fans to pay $100 for a concert ticket.

  • Jesse

    I really didn’t notice her lacking the effort. Everyone I think needs to leave her alone. People make so many mistakes and Britney is one of them. Britney has gone through so much and people don’t realize that it takes time for a person to get comfortable with themselves once again. Britney one day will again wow us all. I have been a fan ever since I was little and I’m a guy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t listen to her music. I listen to any kind of music and no one should judge.

  • RT

    If she is going through so many issues, then why is she still singing, dancing and recording? She needs to leave the business, and come back in like 5-7+ years. It’s not very healthy for her to balance her personal life (which is probably in turmoil) and try to impress her management and the fans.

    I don’t think she will be able to ‘wow’ us anymore. She lost her spark years ago! The only way for her to wow the public again is to reinvent herself like Madonna did during the late 90s.

  • Andy
  • Caleb Gore

    I don’t think Britney can reinvent herself because, unlike Madonna, Britney is not a well rounded artist. Britney has always only had one thing to offer, her stage performance. Back in the day (like 10 years ago), no one could touch her. No one could dance like her and no one had a stage presence like her. But let’s not kid ourselves. If Britney put out an album of ballads that she wrote and produced, would you buy it? Now, what if Madonna did it, or Beyonce, or even Lady Gaga? Those artists have always had a bigger hand in the product they release. Those artists are actual artists. They all write and produce and even direct their own products. Those artist would have no issue reinventing themselves because they have no fear of pushing the envelope. In fact, the thrive on challenging the way people view them as an artist. Britney has a niche. She has never really been an artist, which is why her sudden decline is so heartbreaking. She doesn’t have anything other to offer us than catchy songs and great dance moves. And she doesn’t even have half of that anymore.

  • Why

    You’re all crazy. She can’t wow us anymore???

    Her last album was HUGE. The Circus tour was WORLDWIDE.

    Femme Fatale is some dumb little album that they recorded which her real fans LOVE.

    Britney doesn’t need to “comeback” every time she releases an album!!! Give her a break.

    i’m no Britney advocate but it’s like you’re looking for a wow factor after every single, every album. She’s just never good enough for anyone anymore. That’s ridiculous.

  • Dear “Why”

    It’s her producers who are responsible for the fact you like the album. She only needs to record the words in the studio, not even making much effort, cause her voice is reworked with sound effect anyway. As for her, she can even make a video without using body double. and her “live” performances are jokes.

  • Brit

    Shut up Idolator.COm!!!! fugly site!

  • chase

    what y’all talking about morons? it was just an appearance, what are u expecting her to do with only less than 2 minutes? im not that huge of a fan but iloved her, she looked sexy and fitt, and did u notice how everyone went CRAZY when she got on stage? i think britney spears is still britney spears