The Script Perform “For The First Time” On The ‘Tonight Show’

Just when you were set to write off not-unattractive (read: ridiculously handsome) Irish pop-rock act The Script as one-hit wonders following to their breakout US hit “Breakeven,” they’ve gone and achieved another inescapable radio earworm in the form of “For The First Time.” Granted, it’s taken nearly a year for the hummable tune to crack the upper reaches of the Hot 100. Still, the Science & Faith ballad has given the band a second hit in the States, and last night they swung by the Tonight Show to perform it in front of Jay Leno’s audience. Watch below.

Do you think Dustin Hoffman dug it? Yeah, you know he did.

The Script Dustin Hoffman Tonight Show Jay Leno For The First Time

[Video via The Audio Perv, Script/Hoffman pic via Twitter]