Adele Covers ‘Q’ Magazine’s 300th Issue

Adele isn’t just owning the Billboard charts, she’s also owning the cover the latest edition of Q magazine. To commemorate its 300th issue, the UK mag had the 21 siren pose in purple for her shoot with famed fashion photographer Rankin. For more of the beautiful British songbird head below.

The “Rolling In the Deep” singer opened up about maintaining the integrity of her music by not attaching herself to a brand (we guess Glee doesn’t count). And for those of you hoping to see the pop star perform at a mega-sized arena or a festival — forget it, Adele isn’t having any of that either. For highlights of the 21-year-old songstress’ interview head here.

  • Theofficialjme†

    Ugh man I think Adele has blown us all away GEEZ she is amazing and extremely talented…

  • Sz.

    She looks like Olivia Wilde on the cover…

  • Yisell Camman

    Adele is beautiful, and has a true voice. The type that will forever be in vetted in ones soul. Britney and Katy could not stand alone in a room with Adele and sing. Adele would blow them away. Nothing plugged in. Let’s be straight Adele has talent. Katy and Britney are fun for somethings but mostly for little kids, but once again not a good voice just a great crew that knows how to plug them in. All show no soul. Circus side show. I wish Adele the very best. Adele you have talent, don’t sell out to them, sell-out your shows.
    Yisell Camman