Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Projected To Sell Roughly 850K Copies In First Week

Adele’s 21 spends a ninth non-consecutive week at #1 on Billboard‘s Top 200 album chart after selling another 137,000 copies. And with only two new releases debuting in the Top 10 — Seether’s Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray (#2) and Il Volvo’s self-titled first offering (#10) — it’s rather like the calm before the storm that is Lady Gaga’s Born This Way comes rumbling into next week’s chart.

It’s all but certain that Born This Way will dethrone 21 next week, as Billboard cites Universal Music Group’s official sales projection for the album being in the 800,000 to 850,000 range. (Hits Daily Double, meanwhile, is saying the record could move as many as 900,000 copies). Chalk that high number up to such marketing techniques as Amazon’s MP3 store reducing the digital LP to 99 cents, and retailers like Starbucks stocking up on the pop CD.

However, one detail in Billboard‘s report that is likely to raise a few eyebrows is that the publication notes some Universal sales execs initially backed away from high expectations for Lady Gaga’s album when they found the first two singles, “Born This Way” and “Judas,” to be “musically disappointing.”

Truthfully, we can see that with “Judas,” which in retrospect plays like somewhat of a “Bad Romance” retread. And to date, the song become Gaga’s lowest-charting single (#10) on the Hot 100 to date.

But was it the similarities between “Born This Way” and Madonna’s “Express Yourself” that had some at Gaga’s own label turning up their nose at the track?

Billboard goes on to mention that execs at competing labels feel that, after all the relentless promotion leading up to the release of Born This Way, Lady Gaga has become over-exposed, and is ripe for a backlash.

What do you say, Little Monsters?  Do you think Gaga has become way too visible in the media this year for her own good? And are you surprised to hear that employees at her own label found her singles to be disappointing?

The Top 10 of Billboard’s Top 200 chart:

1. Adele, 21 *9 weeks*
2. Seether, Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray *new*
3. Various, NOW 38
4. Jason Aldean, My Kinda Party
5. Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More
6. Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
7. The Lonely Island, Turtleneck & Chain
8. Justin Bieber, Never Say Never: The Remixes
9. Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues
10. Il Volvo, Il Volvo *new*

  • vertigoshtick

    I really didn’t care for any of the singles but I still bought the hard copy of the album as well as Amazon’s 99 cent mp3s. Glad I did, because there’s at least enough decent music on there to warrant the pittance I paid…but it’s not exactly the “album of the decade.”

  • taurus

    I love it!!!!! I hope it sells close to 900K. I love Born This Way single and Judas has since grown on me. But the rest of the album is very HOT!!!

  • Xadax


  • Israel S. Joseph

    Yes, enough already. She is overrated and over exposed. I want to puke everything I see her or hear about her. I wish new interesting and original artists would emerge with new music and new sounds…I’m tired of the same old crap.

    • Israel S. Joseph

      *every time*

  • Seth

    When your lowest charting single is #10……wow you must be HUGE. How is that disappointing??? Really??? Do you know how many songs never made it to top 10? LOL

  • sglade

    Her stylist, Nicola, has said they are aware and expect the backlash from all the promotion and hype. But he said “But we just don’t care.”

  • Paul

    She is absolutely overexposed, and part of the reasoning for that is the rapid-fire release of her albums. “The Fame Monster” — which despite it being packaged with “The Fame,” was an album in its own right — was released only a year after “The Fame,” and now “Born This Way” is released only a year and a half later. The result has been that she’s been center-stage in the media and her singles have rarely been off for the charts for the past two years. In my opinion, her record company should have held off until summer 2010 for “The Fame Monster,” and added a few tracks to make it an LP, and pushed “Born This Way” up to later this year, or early 2012. Being such a big superstar inevitably produces a backlash, and overexposure of this sort will only contribute.

  • chaz

    I SAY IF SHE SELLS 850,000 HER FIRST WEEK. we need to do something to help the mentally ill in this country.

  • Mark

    Judas was flop, even though it debuted at #10. After five weeks, it has quickly slid to Number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it is hovering around #50 on iTunes. It had no legs – the song was riding the heals of her “Fame” album.

    Now Edge of Glory is suffering the same demise. It debuted at Number 3 on the Hot 100 and has quickly sunk to Number 19 on this week. Similarly, it is struggling on ITunes.

    He album, without a new hit single, will also similarly suffer. After debuting with huge numbers this week – largely due to selling the album for 99 cents on Amazon, the album will suffer a huge fall off next week. The non-deluxe album has already dropeed to Number five on I-Tunes after two days. Not a good sign. Really, only the GaGa faithull will purchase the album, and that will occur in the first week. After the initial week, the album just won’t have the legs to sell. There have been four “single” releases – there aren’t many more that are going to be radio-worthy, so look for the album to be a huge disappointment compared to “The Fame” or “The Fame Monster.” Really, the songs, in general, are very disappointing.

  • Stephanie

    exactly what I said!!

  • stan

    I applaud her for being a hardworker but all in all it is just tired. It would have been better if her look and new material were really groundbreaking but in reality it really is lackluster. So seeing her constantly is just redundant.

    I do appreciate that she wants to give a voice to the minority by her new album but it is so preachy that it lost its charm/magic

  • Josh`

    I wish i see her everywhere!!! i WILL NEVER b sick of looking at her, listening to her!!! shes the best free bitch out there!!!!!!1

  • supermariah

    LADY GAGA ON TOP?? What is AMERICA Thinkin?

    this is a complete TRASH. LADY GAGA with her satanic looks nowadays needs to check on REHAB..

    I’ve listen to some of her new songs in the web and my ears almost bleed because of its insane lyrics!

    I still Prefer her FAME Monster Album..

  • supermariah

    Her stylist was being paid to defend her.. Of course if she backlash her , GAGA will kick her ass off her team..haha


    I only bought it because it was 99 cents on Amazon. I like the album tracks way better than the singles. Judas was just tacky, she deserved to get burned for picking a fight with Christians during Holy Week.

  • yaya

    the label heads at the other record labels are in a tizzy cause the pop acts they have signed to their company cant do one of the following….. sing live, cant play instruments, and dont write or produce their own material. So of course they are frustrated they cant compete and their artists are making them lose money. GaGa and her creative team admitted that Born this way the single was not the strongest song ( I have the album, I know) but they chose it first and foremost because of the message. Their are alot of young people killing themselves because they arent happy with who they are. They need to hear a message like Born This Way permeate into pop culture in a huge way and in a very direct manner cause in the end “God makes no mistakes”.

  • MarlonBrutal

    Album of the decade? Best video ever? will she ever stop licking her own ass? The Album SUCKS!

    • Aggelos Elia

      You do too. But we dont make it that much of a deal, do we?

  • anais

    she’s a madonna wannabe..she’s no even a REAL songwriter like taylor swift who actually can write a full song by her own..there’s thousand of talented voices bsides her..her fame won’t last forever..weird dat people actually calls her queen of pop,i mean come on lady gaga not even a decade in this industry like britney spears..BRITNEY DESERVES THE TITLE WAY MORE THAN LADY GAGA!!!