Lady Gaga Kicks Off ‘Good Morning America’ Summer Concert Series

If you thought the Spider-Man theatrics were amazing during Reeve Carney, Bono and The Edge’s performance on the American Idol finale, you should see Lady Gaga’s entrance for today’s Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. Donned in what looked like a superhero nun garb, she zipped in an a wire above all her fans gathered in Central Park before launching into “Bad Romance.” Altogether Mother Monster performed Born This Way jams “Hair,” “The Edge Of Glory,” “Judas” and “Born This Way.” She also sat down for a chat with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Watch below!

Really, you have to hand it to Gaga — 36 hours ago she gave a jaw-dropping performance of “The Edge Of Glory” on the American Idol finale in Los Angeles, where she ultimately fell off a towering stage prop to a trampoline below, and this morning she was across the country for her GMA concert.

Gaga ripped through a set that had her wearing eye-popping Haus couture like a spiky black vinyl jacket with a golden cod piece, a red leopard print body stocking and gold ram horns draped with chains. Just the summer wardrobe of your average New York City girl!

The singer closed out her set with a stipped-down piano performance of her empowering tune “Hair,” which she dedicated to her mother. Mind you, the piano was mounted in a statue of a unicorn bearing a purple horn!

When she finished the song, Gaga looked to the audience and quipped, “That’s the first time my dad’s ever put his paws up!”

Lady Gaga arrives on the GMA Summer Concert Series stage

Lady Gaga’s GMA interview with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos

Lady Gaga — “Hair” on GMA

Lady Gaga – Medley

  • Xadax

    So, Rachel Berry’s “My Headband” was played.

  • duh

    Dear world, the sooner you realize no idea is original, the happier you’ll be.

  • Justin M.

    What’s up with everyone hatin’ on hair? It’s a fun song . . . i’m not sure Gaga’s music is supposed to be taken 100% seriously! I mean she sings about disco sticks, bluffin with muffins, Highway Unicorns, government hookers and guys named Alejandro for heavens sake!

    She’s fun, crazy, random, and extremely entertaining. I don’t think anyone could describe Gaga as a “poetic lyricist” . . . . her songs rock but the lyrics are downright goofy. You can’t expect anything more!

  • Xadax

    @Justin M. She said this project would be the album of the decade. Expect a lot of criticism from such an arrogant & delusional copycat like Gaga.

  • Xadax

    Correction: *Expect a lot of criticism being thrown from such an arrogant & delusional copycat like Gaga.

    • Eryn Wade

      Correction YOUR A F*CKING B!TCH

  • Xadax

    Oh, a delusional monster. Enjoy!