Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” Remix War: R. Kelly Vs. The-Dream Vs. Jeremih Vs Diplo

Kelly Rowland‘s “Motivation” is the slow-jam of the season for a reason: the original Jim Jonsin-produced track is a boudoir burner that showcases the full spectrum of Kelly’s vocals, from sweet to sultry. That’s why it’s also earned the respect — and remix treatment — of a whole array of hitmakers, including Diplo, Jeremih and The-Dream. Now heavyweight love letter author R. Kelly has stepped into the breach, and his verse takes Kelly’s locale from the bedroom to the, uh, delivery room. Check out his lyrics — and help us settle the “Motivation” remix wars once and for all — below.

Kellz isn’t known for subtlety in his slow-jams, and here he ratchets up the raunch (on a song that’s fairly NSFW as is) with a verse that recalls some of his most direct tunes: “Baby I’m gon’ be your motivation/ Take you to school, give you a sex education/ Bend it over real quick without hesitation/ I’m gonna get you pregnant, you’ll have the next generation.”

He also leaves no doubt about whose remix he expects to help continue Motivation’s Hot 100 success: “I’m ’bout to get rich / off this here remix / It’s Kellz in this bitch / I’m born for this s**t.”

That may be, but he does have some stiff competition: as Kelly enjoys one of the biggest hits of her post-Destiny’s Child career (amidst B season, no less), we’ve assembled our picks for the most intriguing remixes of the song below. Each offers something a little different: Diplo toys with Kelly’s own vocals and takes the track in a dancier direction; Jeremih’s brings an airy R&B touch that syncs with Kelly neatly. Who re-imagined “Motivation” the best?

Kelly Rowland “Motivation” (R. Kelly remix)

Kelly Rowland “Motivation” (The-Dream remix)

Kelly Rowland “Motivation” (Jeremih remix)

Kelly Rowland “Motivation” (Ill Factor / Linney remix)

Kelly Rowland “Motivation” (Diplo remix)

All of these ultimately help crank up the heat for Here I Am. But which version motivates you to hit repeat?


Who crafted the best remix of Kelly Rowland's smash "Motivation"?

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  • BlazianBarbie

    1. Jeremih “And when we’re done, I’mma have to pay for your hair!” XD
    2. R. Kelly
    3. Diplo
    4. Ill Factor & Linney
    5. Da Brat

    10000. The Dream

  • jo

    R Kelly, easily. He can make a whole album off remixes. The only guy in the game that can take a hit and make it an even bigger hit. Kellz all the competition.

  • uy

    R. Kelly

  • Britny Gastineau

    I liked The Dream’s version! I think The Dream is very talented,and has potential to be the NEW King of R&B,but R.Kelly KILLED it!!!!!!!

  • steph

    Finding it difficult to vote the are all banging!! I love dance and techno so I’m loving (Ill Factor / Linney remix and Diplo), they’ve got me dancing!! Lol While R.Kelly’s lyrics are off the hook, the other remixes give a stiff competition. All give a new vibe to the song…we can’t get enough of you Kelly! Best wishes!! Voted Jeremih…you are both in-sync like crazy!! and Lil Wayne is the icing on the cake!! LOl but all great remixes…good job!!

  • Tevin

    I just wana say that everybody knowz that Kellz killed it ..real tlk..And Jeremih is okay but not good enough


    in the new XXL Kelly said her favorite remix is R Kells version. And i have to agree with her.