Hear The-Dream’s Original Demo Version Of Beyonce’s “1+1″

May 28th, 2011 // 32 Comments

In case mathematics aren’t your thing (as they apparently are for Beyonce), here’s a little history on the “inspired” diva’s latest. Before “1+1″ was a track on Beyonce’s upcoming disc 4 (or rehearsed backstage at American Idol), it was called “Nothing But Love,” written and recorded by The-Dream. (So no, this isn’t just The-Dream inserting himself onto a perfectly good track for no reason a la Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation.”) Could his demo possibly trump Bey’s album version of the tune? Head below to find out.

Rather surprisingly, we’re pretty into the hit-(and dud-)maker’s more R&B-flavored take on this song — possibly even more than we’re into Beyonce’s powerhouse belting.

Blasphemy? Tell us what you think!

  1. Xadax

    It sounded better but the failtastic lyrics & those annoying shouts “I got YOU/ With YOU/ 1+1=2! / Shot by YOU/ Die by YOU” are still disappointingly there.

  2. South Filet

    The R&B Killa, killin it. The-Dream’s the real deal



  5. fatu sankoh

    i love beyonce much better you go bey you naild it

  6. My Name Is Beyawnce And I Stole My Career..

    Glad he released it.so that b*tch can’t say she wrote it herself! Lying azz thief! Who stole their whole career?
    Beyonce: Meeeeeeeee,I did! Beyawnce is a Wack azz phony pony!

  7. Why Haters Mad???

    Why You Mad Boooo???^^^^^^

  8. Troy

    I love it and I’m glad he released it and @My Name Is Beyawnce And I Stole My Career”, I love you for your comment, because people think that this bitch can do no wrong and she does it everytime you read about her, see her she’s copying and stealing everything that her career is made up of. I hope her cd fails of epic proportions just like that damn song “Girls whole rule/run the world” All she needs to do is Run her ass on up outta here…She makes me sick. She’s fake, phoney a freakin’ copy cat and thief and an industry whore….

  9. beck

    lol why you so angry hon? Beyonce hasn’t reached the position she’s in b/c of the lyrics of her songs…she’s gotten where she is through work, talent, support, luck, & beauty. The Dream got proper writing credit for the song…as he did for single ladies (which wouldn’t have been half the hit it was if beyonce wasn’t the one singing it). You act as if she personally did something to you…calm down. geez

  10. Xadax

    @Troy WooHoo! I need a ‘Like’ button here to press it on your post. Yes!

  11. Me

    Wow! He shoulda kept THIS. His version blows the overly vocalized (if you can call it that) version of Bey’s song. I will give her a tiny bit of credit, though, during her performance, I did get a little hyped thinking she was gonna go r&b with it, but it was just a tease. She went pop with it, and that glimmer of hope was shattered. When is she gonna get her soul back?
    I feel the emotion in this song, I don’t feel it in hers. That’s why she fails, for me. She just sings songs, like a kid in a school music class, you know, like when you used to sit around and sing commercial jingles. True artists sing songs by adding the feeling behind the words in the words. They don’t need to emote with facial expressions, she does. That’s why a lot of people will not count her as a powerful vocalist. People tend to think because you sing loudly and steadily, that’s a powerful singer, it’s not. It’s what you can do with your voice to make the listener feel your pain, your sorrows, your joy, everything in your soul that you felt when you wrote or first read the words to that song (if you didn’t write) that inspired you to make it your song. Her songs inspire you to shake your ‘booty’, and the few that like her slow songs, like the words to the songs, but it’s not her delivery of those words that make them like the song, itself, and the words were always written by someone else, she just adds or changes a word here and there (he to she), or adds an ‘oh oh’ or ‘ooo’ and that’s as much creativity she inputs. It’s not that she has any input into the feeling behind the song, she just likes for a song to SOUND a certain way, she doesn’t care about the feelings behind it. (unless she thinks it’s somehow linked to female empowerment, like she even knows what that means, if she did, she wouldn’t act like the hooch she always portrays)

  12. Xadax

    To Me. <3

  13. Jackie

    Learn how to read and some inference; within the music industry you have people who writes for you. and the dream wrote this song for her. so this wouldn’t be called sealing, now would it ?

  14. MostWanted

    After reading these comments it seems as if you guys have personal issues with Beyonce…. Clearly this song wasnt going to be put out for the dream so he gave it to her Its one thing not to like someone’s music but some of you guys are down right disrespectful to her and her career. Realize that she has talent and she has made it far based off of that and her work ethic. If Beyonce was a stealer or copy cat or whatever than producers and writers wouldnt be so eager to work with her. If the Dream was worried about Beyonce stealing credits from him then he wouldnt continue to work with her for numerous songs on her albums. I dont see how a woman who now manages herself, has been on the same label for 15 years, a brand name herself has to whore around… This not being a stan for her this is realizing that we should congratulate a fellow balck woman instead of tearing her down. I mean the FIRST LADY respects her why cant yall. Also must yall forget that beyonce was the first black woman to win a ascap songwriting award for independent woman, a song that was number 1 for 11 weeks on billboard hot 100.

  15. Kris

    Some of you are just stupid. I can’t at some of these comments. Beyoncé stole this? Bitches are you serious? WTF? Just sound so damn uneducated. This is a damn demo for a song that he didn’t write for himself, a song that he wrote FOR Beyoncé. Dumbasses, he wrote the song, recorded it, and sent it to her for her and her team to decide if they wanted it.That’s what a demo is, fools. And comparing the demo to the finished product, it is clear to see Beyoncé’s influence. So sit yo asses down.

    And to that other who was saying there was no soul, what are you on? There’s plenty of soul on this record, much more than you’ll ever hear on your local Top 40 radio station. This IS R&B. Go look up Beyoncé’s American Idol rehearsal video of this song, and tell me that ain’t soul. It’s not her attempting to emote through facial expressions, her head is down and her eyes are closed throughout the whole thing. It’s pure emotion. And it’s beautiful.

  16. Just because somebody gives an artist a demo, which a lot of artists use. It doesn’t mean that the artist didn’t go in there and make changes that they thought improved the demo or would suit them better in the song. I hear differences in the instrumentation and the arrangement of Beyonce’s song. Beyonce said several years ago that when she got demos she might change some lyrics, a chord, a melody, an arrangement. All those things are included in songwriting.

    It’s not only lyric writing. Beyonce has written some some songs by herself. A long time ago, Beyonce said that she would give suggestions to producers and they would use them but not give her any credit for it. She said that’s where she learned you’re supposed to get credit for anything you contribute to a song. The great majority of the people that she has worked with said that she contributes to her song. I think because some people want to believe the worse about her, then industry lies can be concocted by some to say that she doesn’t. Some songwritiers and producers want all the credit and money, so they prefer singers that are just going to be puppets and hand all the royalties over to them.

  17. Cameron

    Obviously Beyoncé’s version is a million times better but what gets to me is that Beyoncé has a songwriting credit for this song when the lyrics and composition are 99% the same as the demo. That’s the onlything I don’t like about Beyoncé – the dishonesty.

  18. McKesia

    um…. i love beyonce and everything but her version just does not make the cut SORRY!! The dream should of kept this and made the money for hisself!! This not even finna be her next single! Her career is in trouble

  19. Michelle R

    Cameron | Posted at 3:22pm
    “Obviously Beyoncé’s version is a million times better but what gets to me is that Beyoncé has a songwriting credit for this song when the lyrics and composition are 99% the same as the demo. That’s the onlything I don’t like about Beyoncé – the dishonesty.”

    I totally agree. I think this is the only reason why I am so iffy about her. My dad was a musician in the late 70′s and his music was credit by other artist without him receiving any recognition or funds. So I hate when people claim what is not their’s.

  20. RaineDrops

    I heard Beyonce’s performance on Idol after listening to the demo, and I would have preferred a male artist sing this song period. (It’s not because I’m a girl) The demo sounds better because of the male passion. Beyonce definitely has soul, but there was a lack of genuine passion in her performance which intensifies the song. I have to agree it just sounded like shouting and not power of the vocals. I could see Trey Songz, Ginuwine, or Avant doing this song. If I had to pick a female to do this song, it would be Khandi, Monica, or Keyshia. This song needed a female with that edge.

    Now, all this hate is a bit much. I’ve never bought a Beyonce album nor am I a big fan; however, the girl is talented. She made all these other female artist for the last 3-4 years irrelevant (except for Rihanna of course). Give the woman her props; she earned it.

  21. ANNE

    Does no one see Sam Cooke”s Wonderful world in this song??????

  22. callmebey

    The dreams voice is nasale but its not bad bey just has way stronger vocals! Shes number 1!!!

  23. Dreams is better!

  24. Jazzy

    I am not a huge Beyonce fan, however, it is obvious that her version is better because her version is clean, mastered and complete.

    You discredit your own opinion when you go off on unjustifiable tantrums about a woman you do not know on a personal level and with whom you had no personal interactions. You make yourself sound ignorant. So, please do yourself a favor and stop.

    If you add one word, element, note, etc. to a song, you automatically receive production credits. It’s the way the music business goes. However, you only receive that percentage of royalties, etc.

    The Dream is probably laughing at your hateful comments and praying that they don’t catch on, as he is literally laughing all the way to the bank. If any of you knew anything about the music industry, you would know that for him to even be working with an artist on the level at which Beyonce has worked herself, you are waaaaay beyond BLESSED! He doesn’t care that her name is on the credits, as he is cleeeaning UP! Trust me.

    If you are not a fan, that can be appreciated. However, maintain your integrity. There’s no need for the inappropriate speech.

    Thank you and be blessed.

  25. Chocolady

    I like this song better by the dream and the instruments are better. I like Beyonce but I would not put her version of the song into rotation. Hopefully he gets his songwriting credit.

  26. SB

    The Dream always makes the best hits, but I like Beyonce’s take on it! Obsessed with what she’s been doing lately, especially her live performances! It takes someone truly talented to deliver like she has been. Here’s her billboard performance if you missed it http://bit.ly/iBrlpO her new album drops 7/28!!! Can’t wait

  27. WWWOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW i want THIS version!

  28. arahf

    Beyonce simply sings it better, but big credit to Dream for once again a great songwriting-composition. He’s just THE man right now in RnB-music. His version is big too and i would have loved to hear it on “love vs money”.

  29. de

    The Dream, he sings it with emotion and not so much yelling. This is a love (making)song and Beyonce is ruining it. Beyonce is overdoing it and yelling. I like it when she sings low, ’cause that suits her voice better. She hasn’t a strong black woman voice (Aretha), low is her thing, but she is pushing it. I honestly believe this could be a hit for her if she didn’t do all the overdoing and yelling. The lyrics are freaking great! So Bey, re-release it and sing it lower with more emotions (emotions isn’t yelling), more r&b. Think about when you make love to Jay-Z or when you have a romantic dinner with candlelights, you need that voice.

  30. candace

    2 all the haters u just cant help it can u? i know 2 u its the truth but get the f~k outa here. the dream is a very talented man and i think his version is more raw and preferred then bey’s version i love bey , dont get me wrong but the dream is da only who can sing his songs like they need 2 b sung!!!! i love the dream!!!

  31. Quise

    Smh at all these king B haters do you not know The Dream and Beyonce are personal friends and he wrote this song just for her you comple idiots. All you do is hate if Dream thought Beyonce was a song stealer he would not write for her. How does she steal? Alot of her songs have samples, which have to be paid for or would not be able to be used so its not stealing, oh and here The Dreams words he said him self he loves working with Beyonce and is working on 2 albums with her at the moment. http://iamjojo.com/the-dream-talks-beyonce-shes-just-a-maniac/

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