Erykah Badu Dances On Her Own In Her “Out My Mind, Just In Time” Video

Wondering what the antithesis of Beyonce’s epic, mega-budgeted “Run The World (Girls)” vid is? Look no further than Erykah Badu’s self-directed “Out My Mind, Just In Time” video, which features the “Gone Baby, Won’t Be Long” singer alone in an unlit room, dancing (but not singing) to her lovely, no-frills tune. There are no costume changes, no extras, no automobile explosions, and no deadly hyena-beasts. Just a lot of dark, lonely dancing. Take a look below.

The recent Coachella performer is wearing just a little white dress here as she gets into all kinds of compromising positions with her emotionally expressive dance — but we already knew she has no problem with being exposed, didn’t we?

While we a love a big pop spectacle as much as the next guy or gal, we also appreciate artists who scale back and show us something more unusual and personal. “Out My Mind, Just In Time” certainly fits that bill.