Listen To Beyonce’s Next Single “Best Thing I Never Had”

Beyonce’s second 4 single, “Best Thing I Never Had”, is about the guy who got away – and good riddance, too. The body-mover brings it down another notch to thank her lucky stars that the the object of her affection showed his true colors before they could ever get together. Listen to Beyonce’s new track below.

Beyonce – “Best Thing I Never Had”

“When I think of the time that I almost loved you, you showed your ass and I saw the real you,” sings a very grateful Bey.

Though Beyonce sounds fabulous (as if her incredible vocals could ever be up for contention), we’re not positive this mostly generic-sounding mid-tempo song was the best pick for a follow-up single to “Run The World (Girls)”. What happened to “End Of Time” or “1+1″?

What do you think of Beyonce’s latest offering? Tell us below!

  • Xadax

    Its not as dumb as 1+1 (but it’s still dumb).
    Putting the word ‘ass’ to sound cool is nothing to me.
    I am now sure that I will not buy her album coz its the ‘Best Thing I Never Had’.
    Beyonce, put everything in the box to the left (*while doing the hand gesture).

  • Colin

    Yeah, not as good as I hoped… It all sounds like revisitations of her old material, only with new lyrics and semi-new beats… Kinda disappointed.

  • Yolande

    ya’ll dont know what you want!!! when it’s high tempo songs like RTW you complain and now it’s something softer and you still complain….. this is the best song from the album so far, there is nothing wrong with this song!!! stop complaining………….

  • Justin M.

    I like it! I love it! I’m addicted to it! Finally, a song from ’4′ worthy of Beyonce’s voice! A beautiful, catchy, and just plain fun ballad. Some are sayin’ that it’s a “revisitation of her old material” . . .but I think that’s just silly. If we can come to expect anything from B, it’s that every cd she comes out with from now till the end of time will be jam packed with heart-broken ballads on relationships-gone-bad.

    Thanks B for not dissapointing your fans on your second single!!!!!!!

  • Why

    I think people don’t love it because there’s nothing “2011″ about it. It’s just a nice song. Period. Could be basically on anyone’s album (Maybe Rihanna could do it better)

  • Romeo

    I think this song is good BUT “End of Time” should’ve been the second single! It’s already received A LOT of good reception!

  • thacoolest

    Sounds just like all the other bland ditties being churned out by “pop divas” these days. Big yawn. I read that Beyonce had submitted over 60 songs to her record executives for this album. Looks like they picked the safest, most ho-hum, generic-sounding tracks. I thought this would be Beyonce’s “Velvet Rope” or “Thriller.” From this single, safe to say I’d rather spend my money on the new Fleet Foxes record.

  • Phenique

    Awesome! Vocals are great. But I guess people don’t listen to that anymore. Beyonce always does a terrific job with all of her songs.

  • Dan

    For some reason, this sounds a little like “Dangerously in Love” to me…

  • Phenique

    Ummmm. Maybe you didn’t read the article. She didn’t write the song nor did she right Irreplaceable. None the less, she sounds amazing at whatever she sings.

  • cathy

    total mwah!

  • Nyisha

    The song is listentooable (I know made up word). I just do not know, I was not going to buy her CD anyways so it really does not matter, but I like 1+1 so far out of all the songs. It is the only one with the slight resemblance of professional growth.

  • Zachariah Martinez

    she has a horrible voice! she sounds like a goat, its not smooth like Christina’s or Mariah’s… gaga has better vocals than beyonce and i HATE gaga

  • uptonking

    OMG – This is just awful. The woman sounds like a cat being tortured. What happened to songs having melody? Or is there a melody there, but due to Bud-donka-butt’s oversinging it has been rendered useless? So far – every single that this woman has issued from her upcoming album makes me wince. So shrill, without even a trace of gracefulness. Zacharia Marinez is right… she sounds like a goat!

  • cadaisha sheperd

    beyonce songs are not dumb yhu r

  • cadaisha sheperd


  • MANN!!


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