Listen To 5 Seconds Of Kelly Clarkson’s New Song “Let Me Down”

But oh, what a thrilling five seconds they are! Enjoy a super brief but powerful snippet of Kelly Clarkson’s rumored single “Let Me Down”, off her upcoming September release, below.

KC_LMD_Snippet by MusicReview212

“You’re only gonna let me down when it counts, you countdown,” belts Kelly during the song’s chorus. That’s pretty much all we get, but it’s definitely a good sign.

Reports also state that a track called “I Forgive You”, produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, will appear on Kelly’s album. And the pop star herself revealed that she has written tracks called “You Love Me” and “You Still Won’t Know What It’s Like” (though a final track list has yet to be decided).

You digging these precious few moments of Kelly’s new tune, folks?

[Via Music Review/Tumblr]

  • Casey

    thank you thank you thank you! i’m diggin this song so hard! i’ve loved it from the beginning and this is definitely a good sign that it could be a single, now rca needs to hurry up and release it before the whole thing leaks!

  • Jermyth Carcamo

    It sounds like her Since you been gone days! Thank God Americas Original Idol is still the best one!

  • John

    With all of this great music, what’s the holdup? They waiting for Amazon to sell it for 98 cents?

  • Josh

    RCA is waiting for the new chairmen, LA Reid to take his place. He becomes the new boss at RCA in July… same month as Kelly’s first single is released. Meaning Kelly will be the first artist release under LA’s command… should be great promo for her!

  • Tessa

    Is it July already??? Come on KC!! Oh how pop radio has missed that voice of yours :)

  • Why

    That made my day. The fact that 5 seconds entertained me for 2 minutes is a great sign. :P

  • sassy

    I cannot stand the wait. We need new Kelly soon!!! I am so tired of what is on the radio. I miss this brilliant voice so much!!!!!!!! Come on July and September!!!

  • West

    Kelegend Clarkson :’) never leave pop for more than a year. If I had to listen to more of those other screeching girls on the radio for the rest of the year, no thanks. I WANT THE REAL DEAL… KELLY CLARKSON!!!!

  • tal0424

    come on july come on…..we can’t wait any longer!!!…

  • Why

    Kelegend…so true. right up there with Ke$hus and Godney

  • chris

    RELEASE NOWW!!!! Please RCA!! you can’t torment us with this wait!! has to be lead single! Summer smash hit!!!

  • Matheus

    Kelly is amazing!!!
    She’s gonna rock this year!!!

  • ted

    OMG, July is only right around the corner. Thank goodness!!!! Waiting too long.

  • danny

    hahah. yes. so true

  • danny

    This sounds so good! But I really hope they focus more on her vocals. Loved “all i ever wanted” but compared to her previous three albums, the vocals seemed a little…drowned?

  • jacqui

    yep this made my day!!! stoked for the single out in july and totally stoked for the album hopefully out i guess in september! EVEN KELLYS DEMOS GET THIS MUCH ATTENTION..her voice is exceptional. always has been . yet its actaully getting better by the album :) love it do far, it really catches your attention :)

  • Dev

    I totally agree with you Jacqul. Kelly’s voice seems to be getting better and better… she’s clearly from another planet!! lol :) To have toured for 9 straight years, sang with nodes, laryngitis, walking pneumonia and bronchitis over the years …despite all that her voice has only gotten stronger. She truly has the good lord looking after her. Like her first tattoo reads “blessed”. Such a talented girl. Thanks for sharing your gift with us, Kelly!!

  • TEA

    sounds promising tbh

  • greg

    this f!#@ng FLAWLESS!!

  • SARA B.

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk AMAZING!