Adam Lambert And James Durbin Settle Their Feud Over Twitter

James’ Durbinators and the residents of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation can hold hands in peace once more, as the two former Idols have settled their differences and ended their supposed feud once and for all. And there’s no better way to publicly end a highly publicized spat than on the most public of forums, Twitter.

The Season 10 heavy metal rocker took to the social networking site to message the Season 8 runner-up in a series of tweets:

@adamlambert Hey dude! Id really enjoy grabbing some lunch with you and just talking about all this Idol/Post Idol stuff! I could really use…Some one on one advice. Regardless of any supposed bad blood, Im calling truce. Anyway.thats me. Glad your tour is goin great…direct message me if this is something that you might be interested in doing. Thanks for the consideration!  -James…Have I shocked any DURBINATORS with that one? lol Adam was totally cool when we met! Just so yall know!

Adam wrote back to Durbin, saying, “haha why don’t we just go ahead and discuss it right now over twitter? I’d be honored to advise… :) #nobadblood

Head to MJs Big Blog for their whole conversation.

The drama between the two former Idols began when Lambert (who had previously met James during an Idol taping) told The Hollywood Reporter that he was “kind of over” James, and called him a “copycat” who was “trying too hard”. (Let it be clear that THR was asking him to critique and give his honest thoughts on Season 10′s batch of hopefuls, so it’s not like the criticism came out of nowhere.)

In an interview with MTV, James was asked about Adam’s comments, and James seemed genuinely hurt. “I was nothing more than nice to that guy,” he said. “You know, he decided to take it to a different level. So, whatever.”

Adam responded to the media attention the story was getting by tweeting, “in regards to Idol I’ve said way too much. Media turns non-personal, honest opinions into “feuds”…like mom taught:  ‘if u don’t have anything nice to say- don’t say it all’  sorry if I hurt any feelings- not my intent.”

Now that Adam and James have called truce, let’s lay this one to bed, kay? Now, if only Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj could kiss and make up as easily.

[Via MJs Big Blog]

  • Why at Work

    Lil Kim, Ciara, Lady Gaga and James vs. Adam, Britney, Rihanna and Nicki in the other corner.

    Epic battle.

  • trish

    Why people always use ADAM’s name for attention…& why ADAM would wanna waste his time….spending your time with your music, ADAM.

  • DJ

    Sounds like the only time Durbin gets press is when he mentions Lambert’s name. Whataya know……..he’s getting free press again. Never thought there was a “fued”. Its when lame bloggers like MJ & this site turn a non story into a big story.

  • You’re Kiddin?

    Adam always a classy guy. I am sure that he would be very happy to give “good” advice to JD, who would take it in the right spirit. btw, can’t comment on Adam without a word about MTV man on man kissing and how it is all right if they are straight. Confusion or just plain crap?

  • RoRo

    I think these are both nice guys and if left alone, will settle their differences politely. Neither needs their fans to jump in and become defensive (or offensive) and take things to another ‘new’ level. Thanks for clarifying that Adam was responding to a question, and not just randomly blurting things out. He always tries to be professional, seems like.

  • Brettonwood

    It was always clear that Lambert was asked specifically to critique season 10 and he ran down the list of remaining Idols. Carrie Underwood gave her critique also and said that Scotty was not original and needed to get his own style. I didn’t see MJ’s, Jim Catello or The Idolator with screaming headlines saying “Carrie Underwood calls Scotty McCreery unoriginal”. These blogs bait the fans. Durbin didn’t help matters with his response either. I’m not a fan of James Durbin and it has nothing to do with his personality or what he says or doesn’t say. I don’t buy personalities. I buy music. Lady GaGa is an over the top nut job but I have her music. Like I said I buy music not personna. Durbin’s performances while on Idol were a mess. He was so off pitch sometimes it was embarrassing and yes his style is unoriginal and yes he is a copycat. Fans don’t like to hear it but it’s true. But who cares. If you like his music than buy. If you’re so over invested in the guy that you have a melt down because he was critiqued than buy some time on the good Dr.s couch or perhaps re-examine your own empty life. I know he has his fans and good for them. If they like that type of mess well all the more power to them. But don’t get suckered into these phantom “fueds” created by bored bloggers. I doubt Durbin ever crossed Lambert’s mind for a second unless specifically asked. I’m sure he has more important things to think about.

  • Dharmi Norton

    This tweets are nothing but attention seeking behavior on James part, he only gets press when he mentions Adam Lamberts name. He is sounding desperate for attention since American Idol is over and reality sucks big time. All the bloggers know that if they mention Adam’s name they will get hits, James is no fool, he knows that Adam’s name connected to his name will get attention. Why not go your own way and leave Adam out of your business. It is just plain wrong to ride on someone else coat tail.

  • mm

    James has already jumped ship and has latched on to Chris Daughtry. Said he never asked Adam for advice, just soliciting a lunch. What an idiot!!!

  • Kim

    I agree with you, Dharmi North and mm. James’ behaviour was silly, and he really needs someone to help him with his PR. And I hope he would leave Adam alone now!

  • Carlos

    Durbin has already switched to being advised by Daughtry.

    via Durbins twitter
    “Im stoked! Daughtry is advising me. It’s cool there’s someone who went through this exact thing that I can talk to! Thanks Brother!”
    “And he’s a Christian I hear! That’s double points in my family’s book! Good people! :-)”

    when questioned about Adam
    “I was not. I was soliciting a lunch that’s all..and putting an end to a fake feud. :-)”

    when questioned on did he have a problem with Adam being Jewish and not Christian
    “my attorneys Jewish & 1 of my good friends! :-P”

    This guy is a PR nightmare and needs to be taken off Twitter ASAP for his own good

  • Kim

    To Carlos (posted at 2:08am) :

    James had now DELETED all of those tweets quoted in your post on his twitter.

    I guess someone (maybe his wife) had stepped in and had done some damage control for him on his twitter.

  • Carlos


    Deleting them is even more douche worthy, don’t they know there are screencaps of them all over the internet. Rather than delete he should man up and apologize or stand by what he said.

  • Gaulin

    I see Durbin deleted everything now. What a freaking nutcase that guy is.

    1)First he very publically asks Adam Lambert to have lunch with him and give him advice. His “durbinators” retweeted it so many times they spammed Adam Lambert.

    2)Because of the forum Durbo choose to use Lambert responded saying he understood but made no commitment. Obviously he didn’t want to have this discussion in front of the world.

    3) Immediately after tweeting Lambert for advice he states it would be “gooder than good” to get advice from Daughtry

    4)Awhile later he states Daughtry is going to give him advice and it would be so much better because they are both Christians and have families. He stated because Daughtry is a Christian he gets double points because it must mean he’s good people.

    5) Someone says to Durbo I thought you wanted advice from Adam do you have a problem with him being Jewish.

    6)Durbo responds with no my lawyer is Jewish and then went on with the classic I have friends who are…….. Then he says he never asked Adam for advice just to score a lunch and end the fake feud.

    7)When many people point out to him and show him copies of his own tweet specifically asking Adam for advice Durbo deletes every mention of Adam.

    The guy is a PR nightmare. Good luck to Daughtry and good luck to any label that signs this luney tune. For the life of me I don’t know why Daughtry would want to get involved with that nutcase. Without all the careful sound editing and hired special effects that Idol put on you really see how bad a singer this guy is. Check out his performances after Idol.

  • Rebecca

    for those who missed these

  • Alex

    Whoever Durbin’s management are need to get him off twitter asap. What an offensive loser and then to delete them as well yuck!! Thanks for the screen caps Rebecca!!

  • maryann

    James is such a loser. First, asking advice from Adam and then denying it…haha..what a crazy guy!

  • Rita

    Durbin is a freaking nightmare! I’m so happy I’m a Glambert and not a Durbinator! lol

  • Andy

    James is “Christian?” I’m Christian and was taught that it is not okay to have children out of wedlock. I guess Christians have all different kinds of beliefs, depending on who you are. Oh James…

  • strange man

    um umm i don’t know what to think of this guy…honestly
    and all his fans excuse his behavior by saying he is ill, but knowing several parents who have kids with the same condition that don’t act this way ..something is off…im sorry waaay off w this guy.

    i do find it strange that him and Lambert are always paired together when he gets press, Lambert articles are always about Lambert whereas this guy ..its just odd. idk idk

  • Kimberly

    I seriously hope James doesn’t take any advice from Adam Lambert. I liked Adam when he was on American Idol, but the music he has put out since is terrible. And I think Adam appeals mostly to a very young fan base – you can tell by the way they act toward James. Read some of the nasty comments on James’ videos – they look like they were written by 13 year olds.

  • Chris

    Who even cares about this garbage? I couldn’t care less about what one musician thinks about another or what they twitter each other. I buy my music based on the music itself. Adam’s music I don’t really care for. Hopefully James will put something out that is better than that techno-garbage. If he does I’ll buy it. If he goes in Adam’s direction, forget it.

  • Alex

    To Chris

    You think Adam Lamberts music is “Techno Garbage” I’m guessing your over a certain age as you obviously have no concept of what Techno music is so, so your argument is invalid. James will record what his label tell him to, like all other new artists and if they don’t feel it’s viable or doesn’t sell he’ll be dropped like anyone else in the industry.

  • Chris

    Aaahh….maybe I meant to say POP GARBAGE. My bad, it all sounds the same to me. And I’m 28 bro…how old are you…15 I’m guessing?

  • Alex

    lol add 5 and you’re there. Seriously though do Durbin’s fans actually think whoever signs him are going to let him make a ‘Metal’ album? Do they think that metal fans and rock radio stations will play music from somebody from American Idol? The best he can hope for is something which sounds like a Nickelback/Creed tribute album which might get airplay on the AC/HAC radio.

  • Chris

    Wow – you are throwing me off here because you are actually speaking in an intelligent, civilized manner. I’ve never seen a Lambert fan this respectful before. Usually they come off as a screaming, immature a-holes. Really though, I have no idea what Durbin will put out. I like all kinds of rock music – if it sounds good I’ll buy it – if it doesn’t I won’t.

  • pr62

    good grief!! are we playing the religion card again?? and our adam has double trouble being jewish and gay. i thought this was put to bed last year

  • Moxy

    Chris, you say you like all kinds of rock music. well, before you write off Adam Lambert I challenge you to go on you tube and look up militaryjanne vids of Adam at the Maxidrom Rock Festival in Moscow a week ago. He impressed 50,000 rock fans with his live performances and militaryjanne caught the whole thing with great sound. Although the production on FYE is definitely more Pop, Adam cannot hold back the rock influences that he so amires and have influenced him and brings them to the forefront when he performs live. In fact, as a rock fan myself, I find I love his Live CD of Glamnation to be superior to the original album. I really believe Adam learned alot and his sophmore album will be much more to the rock fans liking.

  • ghrtt3

    Adam Lambert classy? Please, he’s always been a self absorbed creep. He’s already fading away. He’s always in the news about something he said or did, his look, or his boyfriend, never about his music. He is clinging desperately to his 15 minutes.

  • jeep

    Im so sick of ppl talking smack about James! when in fact Adam when he was on idol sang ROCk. but after Idol changed to pop, and so other CRAP!! Adam is a GAY A$$ guy.. and his music SUCKS now.. he let down ALL his fans he had before.. ..there are alot of ppl out there that want rock n roll.. NOT pop music.. so really ppl grow up and get a damn life.. Amercian Idol is a Big Damn Joke this Year!!

    • Jo Helmers

      Jeep if you had done your research on Adam you would know that BEFORE Idol he had a ROCK band called Citizen Vein. He has done a lot of other genre’s of music as well, and as far as him doing POP well so what. He has the talent and voice to do anything.
      As for letting down fans, well there you are wrong, in fact he gained more fans.
      And here we go playing the homophobe card as well, the only thing that SUX is your attitude.
      You may want rock and roll, well here’s some advice, go buy an album by someone else.
      Nobody is forcing you to listen to adam or his music.

  • CNB

    No matter what anyone says, Adam has the pipes and amazing vocal range to sing any genre of music — James does not!

  • Kimberly

    pr62: You say your Adam has double trouble being jewish and gay. Then you would think he and his fans would be more compassionate and understanding toward someone who has disabilites and is trying to get started in a very brutal business. James clearly looked up to Adam, and yet he and his jerky fans have been complete bullies to him. I have no respect for Adam, or any of his fans anymore.

  • Justin

    AGREED. This hatred toward James Durbin from the Glambullies was ridiculous from the beginning, but now I’m getting pissed. Now it’s getting to the point that James is afraid to post things on his twitter for his FANS to read, since he gets verbally attacked constantly by Glambullies. Why the f**k are Glambullies following him on twitter anyway? What is wrong with you people? You can tell alot about a performer by the type of fans they attract. THAT’S why I hate Adam Lambert now.

  • Claire

    Glambullies – lol! That is a good one!

  • http://idolator Breeze

    Both sides need to give it a break. I like both Adam and James and don’t see any reason for people to make fun of either one.

  • Really?

    ^ LOL. Dramatic much? There’s honestly no “hatred” here. Let’s reserve the word “hatred” for issues that actually warrant it (political corruption, extortion, bigotry). Everybody has nut fans. Including James ;) It’s the people who blow it out of proportion that make the problem. It’s not that deep man.

  • mammabear

    Wll this is all alittle weird for me lambert a amazing singer, he as pipes that just give me chilles. There has been so few singers of late that are so natural at it and no matter what he choses to sing will tell his story very well. When you listen to him all things just fade away so when you return you are so much more happier and relaxed. Adam has been this amazing gift and he feels honored to share that gift with us. thank god to!!! as for James he’s not bad but needs polished up some. Adam has been doing this for a very long time in theater, there is your polish. Jame’s aspergers will cause him some hardships but he will need the full support of his family to survive the doggy get doggy world of music. Adam had a headstart in this arean. I’m a i’m a Adam Lambert fan but I would like to see James do well also. Their musical tastes veries, James will get there inspite of his handycap! He has come this far but has a long bummy road ahead. So who says Adam’s fans are nasty to jame’s? My guess is someones very bored with their life and must needed to share to much….. I so don’t get the relegion thing!!! christian verse jewish? What does this have to do with anything in the music field? other than you really incorpurate your relegion into the music or maybe you think christian or jewish music is going to become apart of rock-in-roll or whatever music they choose. Where as I don’t think that is what is happening . I love Chris Dougherty, now he is polish, loved him and Adam in concerts, they are smaller but so much more intimate. You can see they are so much more into it to. can

  • Whatever

    As a representative of the heavy metal community, I can’t help but to say this: Durbin is in no way a copycat of Adam. Instead of comparing a heavy metal singer to a pop singer, compare him with the likes of Rob Halford or Ronnie James Dio, 2 of the most renowned heavy metal singers of all time.

    And as for who will last longer? I’m sorry to say James will. Not that I am biased, but you just have to look at the metal community. You can see a 15-year-old kid headbanging together side-by-side with a 50-year-old guy. We metal fans live and breathe the music. Pop music is mostly just a fad. Even if James might fade off among the mainstream, his fans, heavy metal fans, will always love him. Cos I still am gonna listen to the likes of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest or Dio when i reach 90years old. Long live rock n’ roll and heavy metal! \m/