Jay Sean Tries To Move On In “Where Do We Go” Music Video

In “Where Do We Go”, Jay Sean has ditched the Auto Tune for a bare-bones ballad, the first look from his Mistress mixtape. Shot in Miami, the vid for this acoustic tune (directed by Derick G) follows the lost and lovelorn British singer as he maneuvers from the studio through the streets of South Beach, asking the age-old question that trails behind broken relationships: “What now?” Catch the vid below and see if the “2012″ artist bothers to stop and ask for directions.

“Love is not a fairy tale, but it ain’t supposed to be this hard,” sings a heart broken Jay Sean. Clearly, the pop star has never listened to a single Taylor Swift song.

[Via Rap-Up]

  • Jay_Sean_fan101

    Oh my god! I love this song sooo much! Jay Sean’s voice is angelic. He needs to produce songs like Ride It again. And he needs to add that Indian flavor we all know and love! Love ya Jay!! <3

  • Sophia M

    ^^totally agree. Jay Sean is incredibly gorgeous and talented, he’s shown so much versatility (sp?) with Indian style songs like Eyes on You and Stolen, raps like Me Against Myself and Who Is Kamaljit, soft R&B like Ride It, Maybe, and now Where Do We Go, upbeat pop tracks like Down and 2012, and club bangers like Hit the Lights and Break Ya Back. Seriously who else can pull of desi music, rap, R&B, pop AND club music so well? I can’t wait for Freeze Time and The Mistress to be released! He’s gonna take over the charts. And the world, ’cause he’s already taken over mine. <3

  • Buffy Nerren

    Hi Flylady! I had no clue you had a blog. I wanted to share with you a video I made quite some time ago on Jumpcut.