Natalia Kills’ ‘Perfectionist’ To Drop August 16

Natalia Kills has announced that her debut album Perfectionist will be released here in The States on August 16, though you’ll probably hear it way before that — the disc drops in the UK on July 18, and, like pretty much all albums nowadays, it’ll find its way to the Internet sooner than later. (It’s okay — Natalia knows how to roll with the inevitable leak.) Producers on the “Wonderland” singer’s LP include Martin “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” Kierszenbaum, Akon, Fernando Garibay and our own Digging producer Jeff Bhasker. Will you be picking it up?

  • Jose

    Natalia Kills album leaked a couple of months ago. I thought she had already released it

  • Alex

    Yeah it leaked after she released it in Germany. I’ve been listening to it for months now.

  • Ben Turin

    Heck yes!!! I bought the import as a birthday present for my friend, and I MUST have a copy for myself

  • Foster

    Yeahh……………. lol I though it was already released. I know all the words to every song.

  • Alonso I. Angeles Ortiz

    USA Realease ;)