Beyonce Wants Your “Love On Top” In New Song

Beyonce’s new album 4 has made its debut to her fans’ ears the new-fashioned way — in a leak to the Internet — but for those of you who have decided to hold out three more weeks to procure the LP the legal way, we’ll throw you a bone — jump below to listen to “Love On Top”, a midtempo, joyful tune that doubles to a throwback to a simpler time, somewhere around the time Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were recording sweet, earnest love songs. Listen below.

Beyonce – “Love On Top”

Declares Bey over happy horns blaring, “Baby it’s you, you’re the one I love, you’re the one I need, you’re the only one I see / C’mon baby it’s you, you’re the one that gives your all, you’re the one I can always call / When I need to make everything stop / Finally, you put my love on top.”

Beyonce’s energy is infectious, and there’s a bit more charisma here than what we’ve heard in other 4 track “Start Over”, but let’s be honest — if there’s ever a Sex & The City 3, this would be first choice for the song that plays over the credits. Basically, it’s not exactly breaking any boundaries or surprising us in any way.

What do you think of “Love On Top”? Tell us below.

  • Vocalist

    Another nice song!! Love the 90′s feel!

    Can’t wait until the CD is available!

  • MrRadio

    AMAZING TIMELESS MUSIC!! You’ve gotta be heartless to hate on this track. Her vocal prime has JUST BEGUN!! She’s sooooo over her pop “competitors”! Everything they’re tryna do, she’s been there-done that! She’s done w/ the little kids. Now, she’s tryna move up on the LEGEND status where the rest of the GREATS are. All the grown folk are gonna be tipping their hats off to Bey if she releases this as a single. Gonna have EVERYBODY OF ALL AGES JAMMIN!!! Do yo thang Bey!!!

  • MrRadio

    Think about it: there’s MJ, Stevie & Whitney influence ALL OVER THIS TRACK! She’s doing her best to enter THEIR LEAGUES now. Wont be long either!! Give her her credit! Cant wait to hear her do this LIVE!!…ALL THE MODULATIONS!! #Round4 SHE’S BACK W/ A VENGENCE!!

  • ?

    Good song, nice feel but why the hell does she have to scream so damn much! Fked up a song with potential.

  • Nore


  • supermariah

    She will never be a the vocal Levels of the big three (3) WHITNEY,MARIAH and CELINE.. but this song is not bad at all..Good try..

  • Mo

    She’s already a diva…and on their level, if not already surpassing their level…she’s more consistent that they have ever been so stop hating. cuz u KNOW this song is FIRE. Haters are so annoying. I’m definitely buying ’4.’

  • Gareth

    Lmao Ya would def fit if there was ever a Sex and the city 3 lol, I love the 80s Throwback its sweeet!!!! Powerful vocals here no lie.

  • DCMusic

    Thank you @Mo! Let’s these tricks know who the real queen is!! #round4
    @supermariah “good try?” LMBO! Those chicks maybe USED to be the “big three” or whatever. BUT this is BEY’S world now! She’s surpassing them! Stop unnecessarily hating on an EXCELLENT song & Bey’s incredible vocals! It’s a bout time for YOUR FAVE to throw in the towel. WHO RUN THIS MOTHA?!!!
    And it’s not screaming @?. It’s called being a soprano. Singing notes that your fave could never. Those notes were the climax of the song that brought it to it’s FULL POTENTIAL! Thanks! :)

  • livingforB

    ABSOLUTE GENIUS. and the fact that she modulates 4 times in the end is unbelievable!!! @supermariah… Beyonce has BEEN a DIVA, and has proven beyond contest with the vocal prowess in this song enough to make Whitney and Mariah SIT DOWN! Their voices are long gone and cannot stand up to this.

    I think its sad how everyone wants to dip their cups in the Hatorade but refuse to come to terms with the truth. It’s cause they’re scared. The revolution has begun and B is not stopping here!!!

  • Diamond

    90′s feel? This kinda sound like stevie wonder mixed w/ mj at their best. Probably in the early 80′s late 70′s. I could totally imagine stevie or mj singing this.

  • Diamond

    @DC music. Beyonce is more like an alto range she can just hit very high notes which isn’t unusual for an alto singer.

  • Troy

    So 1990′s and it sucks. Her voice is so annoying, always has been. She needs to let someone else do her background vocals because it sounds like a bunch of beYAWNcys screaling in my ear, horrible. I think that’s why Destinys Childs music was mediocre because even though she had Kelly and Michelle singing background, her annoying voice screamed through and it never gave the other girls the opportunity to showcase their voices to their full potential.
    Go have some babies beYAWNcy, your time is up.

  • beck

    Thank you beyonce for FINALLY backing up your words with your music. She’s always said that this 80′s Michael, Stevie music is the type of music she listens to and loves the most. Its about damn time she created this type of music, the voice has always been there, I’ve just been waiting for her to use it (like this). YES, Beyonce work that.

  • 300

    @Troy Looks like we need to get you in Spelling 101. It’s spelled B-E-Y-O-N-C-E! or how about Q-U-E-E-N or D-I-V-A or E-X-E-M-P-L-A-R-Y or G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T or I-M-P-E-C-C-A-B-L-E. Any of the above will do. But YOUR spelling? Not so much. The only mediocre about this entire page is you & your pathetic life. GTFOH!! All Hail Queen Bey!

  • Randall Brown

    …this is my favorite Beyonce song! I love the 80s feel (reminds me of Lies by Jonathan Butler) and the key changes near the end! Thanks for framing my summer with this one!

  • qb

    LEARN YOUR DECADES HATERS!! Its def not 90′s..that would be the song she has wit andre 3stacks…SOOOO CNT WAIT TO BUY THE ALBUM…modulations at the end sold it for me!! in-freakin-credible!!

  • theman

    Mariah,Whitney,Celine are in another league, she’s good but she ain’t …..

  • Jose

    I hope this is released as a single. It is just too cute.

  • Sarah

    Wonderful song. Beyonce’s 4 is turning out to be amazing!!

  • Rexall

    @theman Yes, they’re in the league of “Has-beens”… all have fallen off. Bey owns the music scene now. She’s EXCELLENT and what she does. dont hate :) ..”but she aint”??/ TRICK PLEASE!! lol #ROUND4

  • theman

    Beyonce doesn’t own nothing, all of them are out of her league as i said. Greatness & Legends are not ever hasbeens. Her music is nowhere near as classic or polished as theres. Sit down. Beyonce is finding it difficult to get a hit at the moment. But she’s so hot right. Laughable. Does that mean she’s in the eague of “flops”.

  • 300

    (sigh) Looks like we got another one guys. HATER ALERT!!! (referring to @theman) I swear these haters make it so EASY for Bey! They come to her pages showing that they’re clearly interested in her, and then they just start talkin nonsense. SHE’S SO HOT CUZ U CANT STAY AWAY FROM HER, TRICK! If u dont like Bey, why are u even here?! “Having a hard time finding a hit?” If you’re comparing her to the lessors/(TRUE FLOPS) on the radio that need a good hit song but CANT have an awesome full ALBUM like Bey does then…alright. -____- @Rexall was right. They are HAS-BEENS!! NO ONE cares about them now. Bey sits and makes $35mill a YEAR without even having to RELEASE an album (check Forbes). So saying “she doesnt own anything”?? BS!! (Btw, try not to use so many double negatives next time you unintelligent twit! @theman). “Laughable?”” The world is laughing at your dumb self rite now! HAHAHAHAHA! #ROUND4
    P.S.: there’s a hit right on this page. it’s called “Love On Top”. Dont mess with Queen Bey.

  • PrettyGurl

    Just cuz they were first, doesnt automatically make them better. The way I see it, Bey is KILLIN and has been for a long time. I’m not even a Beyonce fan and I can admit that. She has some really wonderful music, including this song and more from “4″. And that whole “classic & polished” comment is wack too. “Classic” is all opinion-based. And “polished”? Bey spends A LOT of time on her records and most of them are sheer perfect performances. So YOU @theman, can have a seat on that one. She has never and never will be a “flop”. That word makes my skin crawl btw. Stop hating and just listen to the good music. Haters make me sick sometimes..

  • blushblush

    Probably my favorite off the whole album. Her vocal game was on point for real. Lets see fatriah do that without being auto toned to death in the studio. Or crackhead Whitney try to do the ending live without puncturing her lungs lol. Mariah and Whitney are way past their prime they can’t even sing their old stuff. Whitney was the voice. Mariah just sang her face off for a white broad. Beyonce vocally comes in-between. She knows how to work her vocals and is usually pitch perfect live. Stop trying to pit her against each other. Hell you can find Mariah on YouTube being outsang by Patti. You also need to go there if you’re stuck on Whitney of the 80′s because those vocals were once in a lifetime. Beyonce is getting there she gets better vocally each album

  • RenRen

    I agree @blushblush, I don’t see the point of pitting them all against each other, if you asked one of the stars of the 80′s/90′s whether Beyonce “making it” made them cringe or mad or whatever, they’re not thinking even thinking about her, because they’ve had their “moment in the sun”. Yes, a moment. You can’t be the center of attention forever, but that doesn’t mean that you falling out of the limelight means you’re no good. Quit hating on Whitney, everybody’s got their stuff. Same with Mariah, she’s doing good for herself. Personally I’m not a fan of Beyonce, but she can hold her own vocally for sure. No need for comparison or “she’s the best”…give it 5 years or 3 babies, there will be another star, and y’all will still be faithful to “Queen Bey”, just like I’m faithful to Whitney and Mariah. I’m not hatin, I’m just sayin…

  • RenRen

    lol my bad @blushblush, i think i got your meaning wrong, but I think they shouldn’t be pitted against each other as well, but for different reasons. :-)

  • gloria

    The girl is good, WHY we got so many hater, I give credit where it do LOVE it, I will buy!