Kelly Clarkson Sings The National Anthem

And she sang all the lyrics in the correct order! What more could we ask for? While you’re waiting for the other 100-or-so seconds of Kelly Clarkson’s “Let Me Down” to surface, take the jump to watch the native Texan effortlessly belt out the “Star Spangled Banner” at game 4 of the NBA Finals, held in Dallas on Tuesday night. It is, of course, all part of an effort to add to her beloved Mavericks‘ home court advantage — and it worked.

A slam-dunk performance, as usual. Afterward, of course, Kelly went right back to cheering the home team.

  • Dev


  • Why

    She owned that “wave” note. LOL

  • sassy

    Kelly is perfection. Love her soulful rendition of the NA. Her voice gives me chills!

  • HaleyBailey

    Absolutely perfect as always and the best singer in the music industry. I’m so excited to hear and buy her new album

  • ted

    She is and will always be amazing. Kelly is by far one of the great voices out there today, male or female. What an awesome talent. Her rendition of the national anthem made me cry because she sang it with such authority, pride and ease. GO KELLY!!!!

  • vertigoshtick

    Oh, Becky, this headline… riveting…